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We are a Positive Message Band. We respect and Love all Genre's of music. ...so we do not judge anyone...it is not our job.....It is not Your JOB... We do not seek to condemn anyone with our music...we only hope our music brings people closer to an understanding of their relationship with Themselves...and with...????...

We write about the struggle. We have been there. We dont want to preach to anyone, but we want them to know we understand the tough choices of the world...and the pressures a person can have in life.

So if our music speaks to you, we have done our part. We try to be honest in what we say and what we write in our songs. We play and write what IS HONEST INSIDE us..not taught by man...

Not The Pulpit Puppet Masters of the world...and rock Star Preachers...
Find the answers and relationship yourselves...not through what a man regurgitates...through brow beating
And scare tactics...

Our beginnings revolved mainly around the "Christian Rock"...scene with our "Surrender CD"...we are very proud of that work and the way we presented it...and worked very hard to keep it Honest and ...true to the sound...and the emotion that made us write it that way in the first place

Remember...God is Real to us..but you dont need a building or a group of people molding Him in their image...telling you their "light is Brighter than the others..."

Our Music is evolving...and we continue to search out the "Positive Message"...even if it is through music that tells a sad story....
Music is the great conduit...as long as you learn...it is a positive...

Music could save the world...if we tried...


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Floyd, Letrice
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Holy Kiss
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Christian/Gospel / Christian Rock

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Hesperia, CA
Floyd Huntley

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