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Hollywood Hate / Press


“What if Superman and Wonder woman got it on and had a baby? What if C-A-T really spelled D-O-G? What if Iron Maiden went down the punk path instead of the metal road? Well the first two questions the think tanks in DC are going to have to tackle. The third, Hollywood Hate have answered with their full length "Product of Our Enviroment". This cali band are probably one of the most underrated bands I've heard since the GC5, not that they sound anything alike. The left coast 5 piece hits you with 11 songs, each builds on the next. These guys aren't a metal band but they can definitely play their instruments and have a sound that is all their own. This is a great sound track for a road trip as it makes you want to drive fast and take chances. Don't buy it and you are only cheating yourself. Nobody likes a cheater.”


“Maybe I’m biased because I had to listen to a much worse record before this one, but Product of our Environment is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale music scene. From the obviously DIY look of the album to the no-nonsense sound, the first Hollywood Hate record is a solid debut, and I’ll definitely pick up anything that they release in the future. ”

-Melissa Ferrer - SanDiegoPunk.com

“Fine old-fashioned SoCal punk rock from the likes of former Verbal Abuse and C2D members, all still plenty full of raw gutter punk-level antagonism. Strains of Aggression, Gang Green, and an alcoholic Minor Threat ripple through, as ultra-quick-fingered bass, garrote-chorded guitars, and the formidable alley-kicking drumwork courtesy of Suzy Homewrecker get jacked up with a dose of itchy energy and Scott Wilkins? nasty-sounding raspy yells. Right away this stuff gets under your skin in a good way, indicating that while Hollywood may suck plenty of ass it also still provides plenty of inspiration.”

Paniscus Mag

“HOLLYWOOD HATE - ‘PRODUCT OF OUR ENVIRONMET’ CD Jesus, does this hit the nail right on the head. This is the sound that I fucking yearn for. 80s hardcore punk beautifully done. The perfect mix, the perfect pace. Even the cover is a spot on representation of better days. Get this one as soon as you can.”

No Front Teeth

“Hate is such a strong word. Dislike is better for HOLLYWOOD HATE who brings us "Product Of Our Environment". The obnoxious repetitive riff with a voice that screams allows me to believe their environment maybe toxic. Boys... Down a few beers and cheer up there is no need to continue yelling.”

Lorrainne Ursula - NY Waste

“This band has really galloping drum beats, played by, again to my astonishment, a female! A woman tearing it up behind a drum kit? Where are these guys from? Planet Mars? Hollywood Hate! has a really crunchy, fat sound coming from their guitars. Their lead guitarist is no Stevie Ray, in fact any proficient guitarist could probably figure out his riffs in minutes, but he can sure write some catchy fucking licks. His highlight is the intro of the title track. The bassist is really refreshing, it's uncommon to see a bassist so skilled and willing to let you know it. See the bass solo in Lied for an idea. The vocalist has that irked-bobcat quality in his voice and at the same time he's not withholding of any melody. He's reached a pretty delicate balance. The more I thought about this band, the more they sounded like the West Coast's answer to Terminus City or Electric Frankenstein to me in their vocals I hear a younger, less messed up, less tough Duane Peters.”

-Matt - Gang UP

“Hollywood Hate's Product of Our Environment is so much more piss-and-vinegar laden than what passes for punk these days as to be almost a bizarre parody of bilious blast-off. The good old two-step is hauled out for a flogging on most of the songs and bellowing frontman Scott Wilkins really does sound like he's spitting out carpet tacks as much as singing. Unlike most punk however, the guitars aren't a wall of mulch, there's a crispness atop the chaos, especially on the opener, the Bad Brains-ish (minus tempo changes and reggae interludes, of course), "Another Fine Mess." None of the latter-day Brit wailers, not GBH, Exploited, Discharge, nor the bulk of their stateside competitors (too numerous to name) were ever this on-the-money. Wilkins rides the crest like a master surfer and the undertow, provided by the band's finest musician, drummer (and Exene look-alike) Suzy Homewrecker, is knife-sharp. If there is such a thing as "classic punk-rock", this rant stands in the pantheon.”

-Johnny Angel - Coast Weekly

“Five musicians stick to their guns and influences (some they've created themselves)... Hence, the band HOLLYWOOD HATE. You have singer Scott Wilkins, who has fronted some damn good bands in these here United States of America, such as C2D (Condemned To Death), Verbal Abuse and Electric Frankenstein. Toss in nasty rhythm guitarist Bob Peterson of Blount (Fearless Records). Ever so menacing up front is the lead guitar work of Mark Hatemark, from Living End (the American band, not the one from Down Under) and Cynical. Also from Cynical, not to mention Shocking Truth, comes the illegitimate son of Hawaiian crooner Don Ho, Mr. Mark Ho on bass. Rounding out the thundering rhythm of this hard rock outfit is the highly pissed off drumming of Suzy Homewrecker, late of Total Chaos, Nina Hagen, U.X.A. and Snap-Her. From This band doesn't just play fast and hard they also have some good melodic sound to the noise they make.”

Punk Shit!

“No bum tracks at all, a lot of good ones such as "Lonely Road" and "Chokehold", and one hands down "stick in your brain like a thistle covered in super glue" classic in "Slow Ride". What really sets Hollywood Hate apart is that they play hardcore punk rock that refuses to be classified in a genre more limited than that. You could pick out elements of pure hardcore, 77', street punk, surf punk etc., but Hollywood Hate blends them seamlessly into their own original sound like all the great bands of days gone by, before the age of sub-genre classifications. No Accident that Hollywood Hate sound so authentically old school, ex-members of U.X.A., Verbal Abuse and Condemned to Death, on board. If slashing riffs, snarled but very intelligible lyrics, catchy chorus' and unexpected twists and turns are your thing pick this up. TKO records has definitely kept the quality control high and nails an absolute bullseye with this release by Hollywood Hate.”

Micheal Ballue - Hellride Music

“I saw these guys rip it up, in front of Electric Frankenstein and Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones. To put it bluntly, the newcomers stole the show. They WERE the show. A one-two punk onslaught. Bang bang. The audience was cranked after their stellar set, and a few fistfights and some broken beer bottles were definitely in order. Repackaging an early-80s raw, perturbed, tattooed, old skool So-Cal skate/surf punk sound, the Hate features stare-you-down Scottie Wilkins (Electric Frankenstein, Condemned to Death, Verbal Abuse), Pensacola Bob (Blount), Suzy Owens (Total Chaos, Nina Hagen), Mark Ho (Shocking Truth), and MarkHateMark (The Living End, Cynical). I’m thinking of Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, the Adolescents, and (pre-funk metal) Suicidal Tendencies. The hardworking Hate are a Product of Their Environment! The Hate is the Shit. ‘Nuff said. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.”

Mat Moutard (Birdman Foreign Correspondent, Los Angeles) - Birdman Sound

“Either way this starts off hard with HOLLYWOOD HATE, which features Scott Wilkins on vocals (formerly from VERBAL ABUSE and ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN), and HOLLYWOOD HATE has that same sound as well.”