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“For years singer-songwriter Holly Montgomery has devoted her time to others. Working with various charitable organizations she's provided aid to hurricane victims and helped feed the hungry. As a mother she adopted and raised three teenagers from Kazakhstan. Yes, at first glance, Montgomery seems like quite the giver. But little did we know she was taking from all of those experiences as well, collecting inspiration for a songwriting career that began in Los Angeles and now continues in Falls Church. But on Sunday, Jan. 16 she'll be back in her usual role, endowing music fans with her latest album, Uncanny Valley, with a release show at Jammin' Java...”

“We hope this song helps to inspire people to think about others during this season of giving and we're very happy that the song writer/artist, Holly Montgomery, has chosen to personally perform 'Looking for the Road' at our fundraising gala tomorrow night in Washington, D.C.," said Fr. John Adams, President of SOME.”

“Silver Spring-based Choice Hotels International is launching a music service. The hospitality giant has committed to donate $1 to a featured cause or charity each time a customer downloads original music from its Web site as a part of the company's Choice Hotels Music campaign. Singer HOLLY MONTGOMERY contributed the first song, "My Brother's Keeper," inspired by the victims of Hurricane Katrina. With each download of her tune, which is available free until Sept. 24, Choice Hotels will donate a $1 to Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit that constructs homes in the Gulf region.”

“Choice Hotels is pleased to present "My Brother's Keeper," an anthem of inspiration, community and commitment . The song was written and performed by HOLLY MONTGOMERY as the launch song for the Choice Hotels Music initiative and benefits national nonprofit Rebuilding Together and its efforts to help the Gulf and New Orleans rebuild. "My Brother's Keeper" is now available on ChoiceHotels.com, where consumers can download the song for free for 30 days from August 25 through September 24. With each song download, Choice Hotels will donate $1, up to $10,000, to Rebuilding Together. "This song was inspired by the large number of New Orleans residents displaced by Katrina who still have not been able to return because they have no home," said Singer/Songwriter HOLLY MONTGOMERY. "I hope that 'My Brother's Keeper' can serve as an anthem of hope for New Orleans residents still waiting for help and that this song can play a part in improving the lives of these people in need."”

"Holly Montgomery will do a live performance of 'My Brother's Keeper' for 5,000-plus people," Soule tells Marketing Daily. Downloads of Montgomery's song will generate donations for the national nonprofit Rebuilding Together and its efforts to help the Gulf and New Orleans continue to rebuild. Consumers can download the song for free for 30 days from Aug. 25 through Sept. 24. With each song download, Choice Hotels will donate $1 -- up to $10,000 -- to Rebuilding Together.

“On Saturday, August 28, at a special block party concert in New Orleans, Holly Montgomery will do a live performance of "My Brother's Keeper." This event culminates the efforts of Choice Hotels and Rebuilding Together's Fifty for Five initiative to rehabilitate 50 homes in New Orleans on the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The effort moves Rebuilding Together closer to its pledge of completing 1,000 homes in the Gulf.”

“HOLLY MONTGOMERY debuts new song about the aftermath of Katrina – Good Morning New Orleans- 08/27/10”

“When you download the song, "My Brother's Keeper," by singer songwriter Holly Montgomery from Choice Hotels Music by Sept. 24, 2010, Choice will donate $1 to Rebuilding Together. Choice Hotels will donate up to $10,000 to Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing to low-income Americans. Rebuilding Together has pledged to complete 1,000 homes on the Gulf Coast for residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina. ”

“Rebuilding Together is hosting a Fifty for Five Block Party celebration in Lafayette Square from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Fifty for Five signifies the 50 homes that Rebuilding Together has rebuilt in Gentilly by the fifth anniversary of Katrina. The event will feature World Class Rockers, a group made up of former members of Santana, Journey, Boston, Steppenwolf, Toto and Lynyrd Skynyrd; local music, including the Treme Brass Band and Anders Osbourne; and a special performance by Holly Montgomery at 5 p.m. Montgomery’s song, “My Brother’s Keeper,” was written as an anthem about the aftermath of Katrina; each time the song is downloaded from choicehotels.com, Choice Hotels will donate $1 to Rebuilding Together. ”

“CHOICE HOTELS MUSIC INTRODUCES: HOLLY MONTGOMERY Holly Montgomery, the newest Choice Hotels Music artist, wrote and recorded a song, “My Brother’s Keeper”, which is an anthem of revitalization and commitment to a community in the wake of a natural disaster. The proceeds of this song will directly benefit Rebuilding Together and the organization’s incredible work in the Gulf Coast. Holly Montgomery will debut her song to New Orleans at the Community Block Party. Be there to listen to this song of promise. Choice Hotels Music is a new philanthropic initiative by Choice Hotels International that supports community causes and emerging artists by introducing new music to millions of listeners. Each song produced by Choice Hotels. ”

“HOLLY MONTGOMERY...DELIVERS SHEER BALLS-OUT BRILLANCE. The band is primarily about vocalist/bassist/guitarist HOLLY MONTGOMERY and the fact that she manages to completely hook your ass before the first chorus in "Think Too Much." The coolest blast of Concrete Blonde-meets-Joan Jett crawtch-rawk since Johnette's "God Is A Bullet," the song also boasts the best-ever phrasing of the body-as-guitar metaphor in the history of rock 'n'roll. Things cool down a little on the next two tracks, but "Nice Girl" more than makes up for the momentary lack of noize by kicking out your front teeth and slapping you around for a couple of minutes.”

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