Hollow my Eyes / Press

“While trying to write about Hollow my Eyes, I'm finding it hard to find the words to explain how it feels to listen to their songs. I'm always amazed when I hear a band that sounds just plain amazing, so good that I could with certainty compare them with some of the bigger names of the scene. You know, the drums sound good, the guitar parts are just flowing freely trough, you can actually hear the bass lines, and the vocals are tearing the ground apart.”



“Hollow My Eyes has announced it is officially joining the FivebyFive Records roster. The label commented on the band: “Hollow my Eyes is a young five piece deathcore band from Novi Sad, Serbia that gathered a group of very talented and young musicians from renowned Serbian bands. A mixture of genres including deathcore, melodic death metal, metalcore and many more create a combination of fast but melodic approach to the songwriting giving the band its unique tone and style. The band is currently finishing a first EP which will help on promoting the music all over the world…” Hollow My Eyes is: Dejan Poljvaš – lead vocals Vanja Andrić – guitars,vocals Andy Stevens – guitars Vladimir Lokić – bass guitar Darko Radovac – drums For more on Hollow My Eyes, check out the band’s Facebook profile here. -Dan//Stay Kvlt”