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“Joe Herchel, guitarist for the used-to-be hard rock band Hollow Days met his fellow bandmate Nick Estes at a keg party more than 10 years ago. The two started talking about their mutual influences like Black Sabbath, The Doors and Guns N' Roses and decided to start a band. But most bands that get started on a whim at a keg party don't decide to go for it like Hollow Days did. Hollow Days spent the next six years on the road playing all over Florida and the South, trying to get heard playing small bars for way too little money and making albums like their 2006 release “On The Brink Of Madness.” Eventually the lifestyle and too few dollars caught up with the band, whose members were now approaching real-life responsibilities like family and jobs, and the house of cards began to tumble. Leave it to real life to get in the way of nearly every Gainesville band who's ever tried to really push its music. And so, in 2008, Hollow Days called it quits. Kind of.”

“Although the Gainesville music scene seems to be on a indie band kick at the moment, Hollow Days has stuck around to represent hard rock. Lead singer Nick Estes supplies a voice that is simply made for hard rock and is definitely the band's strong point, but the other members' talents aren't overshadowed. Their CD "On The Brink Of Madness" has been well received by concert goers and reviewers alike.”

Liz Stemm - INsite Magazine

“Joe Herchel, guitarist for Hollow Days, the hard-rocking foursome playing tonight at Eddie C's, doesn't like a lot of the music currently being played on the airwaves. In fact, that's how he came up with the name for the band. "I was taught that it's an artist's function to reflect his times," he says. "Back in the '60s, The Doors had an album called 'Strange Days.' And those were some strange days. They were also very soulful. I started thinking about the differences between that time and the present time, how we now have a bunch of Britney Spears wannabes, bling-bling and boy bands. It's all so superficial, so hollow. So, that's what the name is about." Of course, Herchel wants everybody to know that his band is an antidote for today's pop triviality. "We're making music for the right reasons," he insists. "Our songs come straight from the heart, and we want to bring back the emotion and meaning that seems to be missing in a lot of today's music."”

“I've seen Hollow Days a bunch of times now, and every time I see these guys, I like them more. The group, fresh from some out-of-town shows, will rock the house tonight at Eddie C's. Nick Estes (lead vocals), Joe Herchel (guitar), Jeremy Luallen (bass, vocals, keyboard) and Luke Pidgeon (drums) produce a hard-rocking sound that's both fresh and familiar. It's not hard to hear the group's trad rock influences - The Doors, Sabbath, G n' R, STP all spring to mind - but there's something new about Hollow Days' sound, too. Herchel is one of those guitar players you just know spent a lot of time practicing in his room when he was a kid. He's certainly got the chops, but perhaps more importantly, he's got the posturing down as well.”