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"Atmospheric prog elements with carefully composed parts of a song. Influenced by Tool, Dream Theater, Opeth, Pain of Salvation and many more with really intense feeling, melody and performing from the whole band!"

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“To say Muskegon's Holloway knows just how to balance intricate prog-rock stylings with dynamic pauses, themes of "metaphorical imprisonment" and all-out hard rock would be an understatement...."”

““What you will find here are metallic guitar rhythms, powerful drum work and the expressive lead vocals Ross Morgan. Off kilter rhythms clearly give a progressive edge to their brand of intense rock and metal.... 4 Stars!””

"The Gaze Eternal is very modern-sounding, intricate metal ... an organically progressive focus on harmony and melody."

“The Gaze Eternal contains some adventurous material, but the band are more about setting a mood and creating tones and textures. Though there are some strong guitar and keyboard parts on the first two sections, it's the depth of the tracks, as well as the melodies ("Movement II" really has some addicting vocal passages) that works out best here. The 9-minute finale is a prime example of brooding neo-progressive rock with some metal influences, and features some solid guitar work and lead vocals.”

““From the opening track “Non-Inception”, a super charged in your face track that recalls Spock’s Beard from The Light as well as Coheed And Cambria & Opeth to name a few.””

“This is something I feel that the loyal fans will eat up. It’s also everything a progressive rock fan can want in the music and more. It’ll also hold the fans over for the next full length studio album. As an essential part of the Holloway catalog”

“A haunting over all tone lingers throughout on this debut... making “Illusions” an enriched montage of rock dramatics, usually not within the translation capability of a band creating their freshman L.P.”

"....the album sounds like an epic, prog rock concept album. Heavy, riff-happy guitar, pounding drums juxtaposed against fairytale piano and interesting effects. It's musically complex without being inaccessible. It's a hard rock album, but it's not always a hard-rock album...."

“...With melodically structured songs massaging ones heart and rearranging deep dark thoughts on the surface that hide within us all, Holloway delivers a tasteful progressive rock sound fashioned through precise quality instrumentation....”

"Eschewing the deliberate awkwardness of ancient prog-past, this disc mashes together all of its modern musical influences concisely and with maturity....... a logical conclusion to thoughtful aggression"

“As a music critic I say that "Holloway channels rock through grooves and beats so down to earth they could grow ROCK on sand...The unexpected combination really works, providing fireworks of driving excitement. Then add some ROCK, Yes ~ thats Holloway!”

Jackie N, the music gypsy - Jackie N, the music gypsy