Brendan Patrick Hogan / Press

“...and there's some very effective sound design by Brendan Patrick Hogan.”

“Overlaying the action, Brendan Patrick Hogan’s industrial-driven sound design of thundering trains, fierce oil field explosions, and bass notes played erratically on a piano intrudes on the action when it should, then backs off gracefully to let the actors carry the drama.”

"...great sound support from Brendan Patrick Hogan."

"...terrific sound effects (of subway trains, trucks, garbage collection, and other outdoor noises) from Brendan Patrick Hogan."

"...the other elements of Brendan Patrick Hogan's sound design actually add a ton to the atmosphere: Constant city traffic noise plays behind the front door, and as it would in real life the noise picks up to an overbearing tenor whenever the door is opened. Plus the roar of the subway, which includes some foleyed tinker-shaking of bar glasses, overpowers the action right on cue every few minutes. That's some fine attention to detail by Hogan.

"...a terrifying sound design by Brendan Patrick Hogan."

"...there’s an artistry to the sound of gunshots by Brendan Patrick Hogan."

“Brendan Patrick Hogan's sound design adds a Celtic somberness, punctuated by the actors' tolling of chimes hanging from the trees onstage.”

“The production is handsomely designed by...Brendan Patrick Hogan (sound).”

"Technically the show is very strong...a superb sound design by Brendan Patrick Hogan that uses ambient city noises, the rumble of the subway and some very chilling music to ratchet up the tension while maintaining a sense of urban reality amidst the unrealistic nature of a political thriller. I’m always very happy when theaters and productions realize that sound design is one of the most vital elements in a show and one that is frequently short changed..."

“The design team deftly reinforces the narrative flexibility, anchoring the play in a minimalist but evocative atmosphere...Brendan Patrick Hogan’s sound design mingles brooding synthesizer and ritualistic chimes (used as part of the set).”

“The sound (Brendan Patrick Hogan) is equally effective, from the ethereal chimes to the war dance that vibrates through the theatre and pounds into one’s body.”

"And then, there’s the music. Wow. Just… wow. A blend of some of the best pop and electronica combined with orginial scoring from sound designer Brendan Patrick Hogan."

"Brendan Hogan's soundtrack-album sound design is good enough you could just close your eyes and listen."

"...sound designer Brendan Hogan's soundtrack is so atmospheric and organic that it would probably fly off the shelves at Sonic Boom."

"Brendan Hogan's music and sound design stands on its own as a piece of art; I would PAY to own a copy of the soundtrack, it's that good."

“Seattle Times Footlight Award: Coolest Production Designs: Small budget: "Titus" (WET) - sound and music by Brendan Patrick Hogan”

"...Brendan Patrick Hogan's excellently ominous sound design enhances it."

“Brendan Patrick Hogan's sound design is menacingly jarring as required.”

"...the play has become an art installation of sorts, with Andrea Bryn Bush's scenic design, Heidi Ganser's costumes, Brendan Patrick Hogan's sound, and Andrew Lazarow's video projections combining to sometimes remarkable effect."

"Marcia Dixcy Jory's costumes set the Victorian tone. And Rick Paulsen's shadows-and-fog Gothic lighting effects are superb, timed smartly with the jagged, discordant chamber music in Brendan Patrick Hogan's sound design."

"Matthew Smucker's set design gives three distinct areas and three different feelings. That's helped by lighting by Rick Paulsen and very important sound by Brendan Patrick Hogan. When they are standing on the bridge, you can almost feel the outside air."

"Brendan Patrick Hogan also provided a sound design that was effectively dehumanizing and harsh..."

"...the designers (Matthew Smucker on Scenic Design, Brendan Patrick Hogan on Sound, Rick Paulsen on Lights and Marcia Dixcy Jory with Costumes) bring the heat in each of their elements."

"...an extraordinary...sound design"

"...the quite-good sound design is by Brendan Patrick Hogan."

"...Hogan's sound design struck just the right note from the play's first moment..."

"Standing out in this show is the live music and original compositions by Brendan Hogan. His performance of the entire score to the show as well as the creation of so many sound effects live adds the extra flare to the show that pushes it fully into the rabbit hole."