Hoboe / Press

“Wait a second. The driving force behind your rock band is an oboe? Portland-based Hoboe insists they're a new 21st century paradigm. With their debut single, "I'm Your Man" out now and a full-length CD to follow later this year, they don't just dare to be different, they rock it out. When band members Zen Ben and Tom Metz sit down to chat, the discussion is apt to unravel immediately, digressing from Duran Duran, Spinal Tap, non sequiturs lost and found, and the flashy charisma of "Zennifer," their crossdressing sometime-bandmate. Congrats on your new single! I was going to compliment you guys on the guitar shredding until I realized it was an oboe that was tearing it up. That's wild. ZEN BEN: Thanks, although there's definitely guitar shredding it up, too. You'd better not mess with Tom! TOM: I think all players in our band, including drummer/trumpeter Jon Bangs and our new bassist Ben Holt, are quite talented. Don't discount us as a gimmick. If Ben played what he played on oboe... ”