Hammer No More the Fingers / Press

“Black Shark boasts a smoother, more spacious and more arena-ready sound than its predecessors. It’s loaded with whip-smart hooks, the best melodic phrasings the band has yet put to tape.”

“The hooks and harmonies of Hammer No More the Fingers are one thing, but the way the trio writhes around crazy chords and builds from inventive bridges to addictive choruses puts them alongside Oxford Collapse or No Age—that is, in the upper echelon of young, essential indie rock.”

“Hammer No More the Fingers' "Looking For Bruce" is a spectacular debut album that skillfully balances melody and rhythm with a maturity far beyond this Chapel Hill trio's tender years. ”

"See the simple energy at "Fall Down, Play Dead"'s close? That's what we're talking about: College rock in that best old-school, early '90s sense, though it goes some place else with it, too."

“It makes us feel old to say it, but this power trio is a throwback to '90s college rock -- great guitar hooks, fuzzy riffs, and easy-to-remember choruses.”

“HNMTF do possess pop sensibilities that immediately grab you, while they have hard edged riffs and slower rhythmic shifts that combine with precision killer melodies and will keep your feet tapping all the way through!”

“This album is absolutely fantastic, combining the band's upbeat but intricate writing style, tight musicianship, witty/sometimes hilarious lyrics, and catchy hooks galore. It is rare that an album bears repeated listens within the same day, but with LFB I literally wanted to play it over and over.”

"Their sound is just straight up indie rock that's laced with energy and dipped in a vat of pure catchiness."

"These guys create a perfect musical balance. Their performance is infectious, with the entire crowd singing along, jumping up and down. I felt the floor moving below me, and momentary concern that the Duke Coffeehouse might actually collapse."

"Think Pixies, Pavement and Polvo, and you're in the general neighborhood. It's unabashedly retro, but the songs are way too catchy and fun to be dismissed as mere nostalgia or tribute-like."

"Durham's Hammer No More The Fingers serve up Sloppy Joe power pop all over their self-titled debut, but "O.R.G.Y" is the noticeable standout. Loaded with noodly, slipshod verses and one hell of an earworming chorus, it's maybe the most anthemic song born in the Triangle this year."

Independent Weekly

"HNMTF hits hard with a sound that kicks you in the gut and makes sure you know what hit you."


"Surrounded by the crowd, the band seemed almost like prophets revealing some hidden truth to its audience. It was an incredibly intimate moment and perfect ending to the best show I've seen all year."

Daily Tar Heel

"Hammer No More The Fingers' CD release party at Duke Coffeehouse stands as one of local music's best moments this year."

Independent Weekly