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“Starving Artist Bags believes that art is inspirational. A work of fine art has the power to inspire emotion much like our natural treasures - a pristine stream, a prodigious forest, a crashing wave on a sea shore. To preserve these natural wonders, Starving Artist Bags uses organic cotton reusable bags. These bags are not only eco- friendly but are beautifully designed and decorated with fine art. We can all take a step toward preserving our beautiful planet by using these reusable bags, instead of the less eco-friendly bags. The more of us who take these steps now, the greater the impact we can make in the future for our planet. By selling high quality organic cotton reusable bags adorned with beautiful art work, Starving Artist Bags hope to do their part in inspiring more people to join them in preserving our planet and, at the same, expose these fine artist, their inspiration and their incredible works of art to a wider audience. ”

“Onesole wants to celebrate Heather Wilkerson on her courage to bring her art to the public because it is not everyday that someone is brave enough to follow their passion. Dominique Barteet, owner and creator of Onesole, is proud to showcase Heather’s artwork on her shoes. When Dominique saw Heather’s artwork it struck a chord from within. She knew instantly Heather’s work would speak to the public too. And sure enough it did, Heather’s artwork received an overwhelming amount of votes during the Onesole Top Designer Contest. As a result, Heather will be a featured artist in the Signature Series line of tops on the Onesole website. Dominique and the staff at Onesole are confident in Heather’s future success and are proud to give her a platform for international exposure. ”