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"His engineering chops are excellent, his work ethic is fantastic, his instincts for production, for vocals, for arranging are always totally on the money. Russell has been the single most reliable and dedicated person I've ever worked with... and he's a great artist in his own right." --David Pack, Grammy-winning producer, founding member/vocalist of Ambrosia "Russell is among the elite sound engineers in Los Angeles. His recording and mixing skills give our music a power and life that we'd never been able to achieve before. His production work is also phenomenal. Russ has that rare ability to identify a song's core vision and add dimensions that enhance and intensify that vision." --David Tokaji, Singer/Guitarist, Dry September "The work done by Russell Wiener at Hi Wheel Entertainment is top notch. He treats every one of my songs as if it's his own, and brings out the best in my work. Every song idea leaves his studio better than it sounded in my head as I created it." JDS