“Grand Cromlech, a quick fifteen minute 7" from Philly murk-dwellers Hivelords is an excellent example of a local band putting out a killer couple tracks that really captures the live feeling of their music perfectly. I was impressed by the band live... it's literally a wall of sound with one of the most versatile and interesting vocalists / frontmen I've ever seen. Kevin North utilizes multiple effects to create layers of vocal noise and combinations of melody / harsh screeches to give off the feeling of something totally unique in the field - which it is. The music is mostly slow, brooding dirges of melancholic progressions. The bass handles a lot of melodic undertones and direction but the guitars on top are often involved in counter-tempo tremelo strumming in the higher registers to create the feeling of swarming insects.”

“The vocalist began chanting while the rest of the band kicked up the atmosphere with some ambient noise. The chant sounded like some kind of acid trip revelation: “The shade is the rock, the light is the flower!” Hivelords play psychedelic black metal with a heavy dose of doom thrown in. Imagine Khanate or Burning Witch but more spaced out. The vocals were processed through two mics and one guitar pedal. The reverb was immense, the looping of shrieks and chants was completely otherworldly. Compared to the last time I saw Hivelords in the fall, the vocals have become more drugged out wails than blackened shrieks. This makes the shrieking sections all the more intense. Check Hivelords out on bandcamp and don’t miss them when they come back.”

“Do you like your doom metal blackened? If so, then Hivelords is your band. This was the first time I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live, and already they are one of my favorite heavy bands from the area. On Tuesday at Kung Fu Necktie, they blasted through a set of doom and black metal that would make the religious weep and goth bands reconsider their definitions of “dark.” To give you an idea of what I am talking about even the singer has his own amplifier and effects box, which he lords over and hammers on like a fallen preacher. This band is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you are a fan of more extreme metal this band is so worth checking out.”

“Starting with heavy feedback which soon gave way like collapsing pillars to slow and intense Black Metal. Their vocalist stood perched over his makeshift pulpit, made from a shelled out guitar cabinet, menacing the crowd like an otherworldly priest with all the promise of a forthcoming apocalypse. A vocal effect processor contorting and twisting his words into a funnel that shot straight through the heart. At times, they picked up their speed to an almost Converge or Kylesa type sound that bore a dense foggy feel, with absolutely punishing guitar riffs. The drone was enough to carry you away, to forget your problems and really to live your life, a gift we were all glad to receive. A wall of cabinets sat behind them, testifying to the sheer rawness of just how loud they were. The notes that rang slowly through eternity with feedback and the stratum of noise as its ever constant loyal companions were felt through and through, sending you to the innermost secret parts of the soul.”

“While the local Philadelphia metal scene has grown a lot over the past years, few bands have grabbed my attention more than the recently formed black/funeral doom outfit, Hivelords. Hivelords play a mixture of slow funeral doom, contrasted with faster, more traditional black metal riffs. The songs are very heavy and very long, evoking a delightfully disturbing atmosphere. The dynamic vocals sound completely insane and really set this band apart from other similar doom metal acts. The riffs are circuitous and very well composed for a debut release, making this band all the more promising. Their live show is also worth mentioning as the vocalist really steals the show with intense vocals and theatrics, that add a lot of energy to their already awesome live show. If you have a chance to see these guys live, do not miss it. Hivelords will be on tour this summer with fellow Philadelphia doom band Sadgiqacea.”

"Upon arrival at the grim structure" start in this wobbly, drunken slow pace while the voice lurks in every shadow and lashes us with their cries of agony, and from there on it drags us thru this dark alley during 7 minutes. "Divining goliath astragals" is a more different beast, not as slow-paced as the previous track, it begins automatically with an attack of blackened riifs and blastbeat rhytm. And along those 7 minutes we are constantly tangled in this web of blackened sludge designed by Hivelords. An amazing sample for sure of what's to come. The band is giving this release for free at their Bandcamp. So go there and listen to one of the most promising acts in these couple of years.

“Philadelphia’s Hivelords swing a wicked scythe through black metal and doom, harvesting a unique and arresting sound. Grand Cromlech is a two-track, 15 minute EP produced by Woe's Chris Grigg. The band eviscerate nefarious arpeggios and impale tremolo picked arrangements with sure-handed craft, displaying an excellent ear for dynamics. The scathing vocals sometimes slide into Enslaved-style chant, further ensnaring the helpless listener. Chris Grigg’s spacious, lively production highlights Hivelords’ capacious sound. Grand Cromlech is certainly worth a listen, absolutely worth a few bucks, and undoubtedly a sign of greatness to come.”

“These Philadelphians have a knack of being able to play their style of metal both excruciatingly slowly and extremely fast while still sounding completely natural and unstudied. This is a rare talent. Pick one of the songs below. It’s choose your own adventure time: through one door lie blastbeats, through the other, a crypt-bound dead-march. Then try the other and you’ll see what I mean. Everything about this EP is utterly compelling, from the sickly intervals of the riffs down to the labyrinthine structures they’re built upon. It’s the vocals, though, that steal the show. Alan Dubin and Edgy 59 both spring to mind – which is a compliment in itself – with an unnerving mix of rasps and scattered snarls that give way, at one point, into eerie Ihsahn-like crooning. (Anyone who has the good sense to check out their first EP, The Cellar Scrolls, will discover that this guy does a pretty strong Patrick Walker impression too.) It is time. Go forth and pay fealty to the Hivelord”

“Down down down tuned doom doom doom tunes. Brutal even. Reminiscent of Khanate, Sunn O))), Leviathan, Grief, and percocets mixed with whiskey. Does not sit well with raver drugs, or things that make you happy.”

“If your into Nachtmystium, Wolves In The Throne Room and YOB then your going to dig these hugely talented rockers. As if you blend those 3 bands together you would get Hivelords. They play a brilliant and original sound that I can’t get enough of. Hivelords debut release is just simply a brilliant release by a truly original band. They blend their different genres superbly. Sludge, Hardcore, Doom and Black Metal to great effect with a great psychedelic edge. The 3 songs show this band have a very bright future indeed.. They are all hugely talented musicians playing top-notch down-tempo Sludge based music. Hivelords have created a truly brilliant original piece of work. The riffs are loud, heavy and angry as heck. Hivelords pull no punches with their bleak based vocals as well. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. The band have created the right balance between the riffs and vocals. They know when to lay off the riffs to let the outstanding vocals take over.”

“... the sound was blasting from below. I ached ... searching ... follow the vibrations ... the dingy basement below ... sweet, deep bass ... rowdy and wonderfully intrusive stage presence ... Perfectly overlapped guitars carried on melodies, leading to doom breakdowns and sludge ... I was totally floored”