Hitherside / Press

"... your music is great, the songs are catchy, current, groovy, slick and diverse, I feel a lot of energy and the playing and vocals are superb."

“Stopped by for another visit today! Great, powerful and unique combination of vocals and butt kickin' instrumentation! Really diggin' your music! Very memorable tunes! Keep rockin'! ~ Charlie Cravath”

ReverbNation Artist

“Hitherside is just flat-out REMARKABLE! On a completely different level! Tastefully unique and produced with intelligent attention to every detail! I can't decide what song I like best! ~Pete Hernandez”

“From the opener, the rockin' 'Insignificant Other' to the closer 'Learned to Loathe' this is flippin' good!”

“... what stands Hitherside apart is the quality of the material...”

“I am not sure if I accidentally put on an Evanescence album. Is that Amy Lee? Nope, that’s Hitherside vocalist Jennifer Summer and it turns out she is far more talented than Lee.”

“You guys look so soft and pretty. Then you hit me upside the head with the rock! :-) Good times.”

The Bar Pilots

“WOW! This is great!! Thanks for sharing with us. I love how you showed the products in the video. That's killer!!! ”

“Very Very nice. Good music and a very nice voice. I just liked your song so much I wanted to take a moment to let you know. See Ya at the top. ”

“Hitherside delivers a great rock track with "Insignificant Other"...Watch the video to see Jennifer and Sam in action!”