HI Roots / Press

“I can’t recall a time I consistently heard reggae fused with hip-hop and rock within a band. You sometimes hear one or the other, but not the three combined. The San Diego band, Hi Roots might just be the voice to start a new trend.”

“Opening band, HI Roots, brought “Love coming from the 808 state”. Setting the vibe and getting the crowd pumped, HI Roots, an eight person band, all of who come from the islands of Hawaii, kicked the party off right. Singing of “Sugar Cane Dreams”, Hawaiian reggae music and their island inspired influence always has a way of keeping spirits high and inspiring a touch of Aloha into the fans.”

“Setting the stage for the evening was San Diego’s HI Roots. HI Roots has their feet grounded in San Diego, and Hawaii in their hearts and when they are on stage playing music, their words, stage energy, and music talent is something to be noted. Seeing HI Roots about a month ago at the same venue with Groundation, their performance seems to improve with each show that they play. Backstage, several members of HI Roots talked about their future plans as a band. From recording a new album at 17th Street Recording Studio, to booking bigger venues and festivals this summer, HI Roots is on their way to bringing their music and positivity to a bigger scale.”