Hindugrass / Press

“Hindugrass' sound can be encapsulated as a truss of classical Indian and Appalachian folk music. But it takes a mythical analogy to summon its fearsome beauty, like some fiery half-bird of fable, where the percussive heart thrums beneath meticulously woven wings. The group showcases sarod player John Heitzenrater's own compositions, as well as his arrangements of everything from The Beatles to Eastern European folk dances. Heitzenrater's virtuosity on sarod is matched by guitarist Jay Manley and tabla percussionist Chris Johnson. Adding cello, viola and violin, members and alums of Lost in the Trees and Prypyat swell the group to a chamber orchestra.”

“Last fall, Béla Fleck, Zakir Hussain and Edgar Meyer stopped by UNC to play their new fusion of Indian and bluegrass music, but the local Hindugrass beat them to the punch by over a decade. Formed in 1998, the quintet blends Appalachian and North Indian traditions to create ragas punctuated as much by jaw harp as tablas. The sarod—think a deep sitar—guides many of the tunes, ringing somewhere between a dobro and banjo. Bass and fiddle round out a timeless and placeless sound that explores jams both breathless and contemplative. No stranger to bluegrass or improvisation, Megafaun's Phil Cook joins for a free show on the lawn.”