Hilton Park / Press

“Hilton Park tells their story with a warm, family tenderness that everything is going to be okay so long as you listen closely… like a sweet flowing fabric that catches warm breezes as it dries on the line out back of your summer home. From rowdy saloon bustling ballads, to soft, candied flowering story, there is something for everyone.”

Megan Gazzo - The Equal Ground

“Hilton Park is creating a whole new genre for current music. They have reinvented acoustic.”

Amy Nachbar - Boston Examiner

"Hilton Park has made quite a name for itself in the circles of acoustic music. Their originals ring out in every note with pop brightness, harmonic finesse, and within the framework of good song craft....Hilton Park just might be the beginning of a huge music scene trend gaining more mainstream appeal.

“One of the best sounding releases of the year..."Greener Grass," is fresh. The production is sparkling. The acoustic instrumentation and vocal harmonies are top-notch. There's no more vibrant color than green. That sentiment resonates throughout this stellar piece of work.”