Hillstomp / Press

“After finishing the set-up, Johnson was replaced on stage by guitarist/vocalist Henry Kammerer with his emphatic howl and raucous presence that quickly got the packed crowd into a frenzy. When Johnson returned to the stage, he immediately headed to the mishmash array of drums and proceeded to pound out bass and shred his buckets in homage to an earthquake welling up from the ancient fault lines deep beneath the stage. Indeed, with Kammerer’s eclectic Mississippi Blues guitar and Johnson’s gritty percussion, one cannot help but assume that the ritualistic style of blues that this energetic duo have come up with originates from something as primal and ancient as the churning tectonic plates deep within the Earth.”

“Hillstomp Darker the Night. The duo's third studio release...is crammed with 14 driving and dirty ballads of debauchery, and loaded with tales of embracing late night bouts of drinking, waking and repeating the process without the blink of an eye. The whole album has a very consistent brooding mood, with unique banjo rythms that take the forefront unashamed and relentless.. While firmly grounded in the blues, Hillstomp departs and adds many different influences, from folk to garage-punk, all expressed through a soulful intensity. Considering the band is known for its captivating live performances - replete with foot-stomping slide guitar riffs and John Johnson's ramshackle percussion hammering away on plastic buckets or whatever he can grab nearby, Darker the Night does not dissapoint, and invites everyone listening to join in and sing the songs of kissing the bottle and losing love without regret. ”

“From start to finish The Woman that Ended the World is a fine effort. While I often expect a self-released disc to be low on recording and production values, Hillstomp’s disc can compete with big label endeavors on all fronts. Already a contender for top-10 best albums of 2006 in my book, there is absolutely nothing amiss about this record”

Jennifer Patton - Delusions of Adequacy