Hillbilly Vegas / Press

“Local country band Hillbilly Vegas recently beat out more than 1,700 other groups to win a $5,000 prize and a chance to perform at Charlotte Motor Speedway ahead of the Memorial Day weekend Nascar Sprint Cup Series race, the Coca-Cola 600.”

“LiftMaster is excited to annoucne the winner of the 2016 LiftMaster Garage Band contest, Hillbilly Vegas!”

“Their feet are planted firmly into the rock side of country music, and the horizon hasn't looked brighter.”

“...both “Shake It Like a Hillbilly” and “High Time for a Good Time” remain high energy and also a lot of fun. The former is also the first single from the EP and it would make for a great summer track, playing loudly from a car’s stereo while the wind blows in from open windows. There is an attitude in the vocals that comes off as inspiring rather than intimidating, the kind that will put a bounce in your step and height in your back rather than fuel a listener’s anger. “High Time for a Good Time” is more melodic, allowing for the vocals to shine through; it’s a number I can easily hear playing on a contemporary rock station, and, when played live, I can just as easily imagine the lead singer winking at the ladies in the crowd.”

“Songs like “Can’t Go Home”, “Shake It Like A Hillbilly”, and “High Time For a Good Time” come together to make 76 one of the best independent country music EPs on the market this year.”

“Their fusing of many different elements of the rock spectrum with a dose of Friday night barroom rowdiness gives this an edge that bumps against the country line, dropping a toe into it every now and then, but never overstaying for too long.”

“If you are a fan of Country and Rock music then Hillbilly Vegas is definitely a band you need to check out.”

“Oklahoma country-rockers Hillbilly Vegas sound exactly like you want them to sound – full of personality, a sip of twang and rocking guitar licks. Heck, you want to buy ’em a beer after listening to their EP ’76.”

"The 76’ EP has a hell of a replay value, and may be the most impressive short-form release that we have so far this year."

“A good song…you’ll remember. A great song…you’ll never forget! “Long Way Back” is certainly the latter. It’s a well written piece of lyrical genius with plenty of emotion to make you want to put it on repeat (like I did) and listen over and over again. This isn’t a fly-by-night song that you’ll hear on your local station a few times, only to disappear into the abyss. “Long Way Back” has staying power. It’s different than anything I’ve heard recently on country radio, and that makes it special.”

“A well written, well sung song evokes emotion, provokes thought and is not limited to a specific genre, and that is what “Long Way Back” does, is. A great song is timeless and that is what “Long Way Back” is. The song deserves to be heard – it deserves radio play! It has our full support! I most definitely suggest grabbing it.”

"I wish all the best to HILLBILLY VEGAS!" says LUSH "This is a band on the rise and I think our Country could use a story like their's for inspiration. This is a group of guys sticking to that rock n roll dream no matter what."

“Hillbilly Vegas is havin’ a blast making music together and I’m enjoying the party thus far! ‘Ringo Manor’ is an instant success”

“There is no limit to the radio-worthy efforts that are present on Ringo Manor; whether the band is going slowly or quickly, listeners will be hanging on to each utterance and lyric.”

“From sh**-kickers like "Shake It Like a Hillbilly" and "Grits N Gravy" to soulful ballads that include "Broken" and "Wrong Side of Goodbye," Hillbilly Vegas pumps out one whimsical track after another, each with the potency for hit-single status. With an album as strong as RINGO MANOR, the band should be dominating the radio and scorching arenas from coast-to-coast.”

"Oklahoma country-rockers Hillbilly Vegas scores unexpected success"

“We performed our acoustic set and were honored to share the night with a great act - Hillbilly Vegas.”