" ... so much insane energy when they're on the stage!"- Amber Lee, DJ 93ROCK FM Madison, WI

Amber Lee - DJ 93ROCK, FM Madison, WI

" .. . one of the best opening bands I've seen in a long time ... "

We Love DC

"People have been asking who Hillbilly Herald is; they are one of the most kickass R & R bands around. Straight up. iiii]; )"' -SLASH on Twitter


"If Aerosmith and AC/DC had a baby today, it would be Hillbilly Herald."

92.9 KWRN, New Mexico - Bonehead

"The entire album could soundtrack an action-flick super-star cruising in a convertible, getting pumped up to save the world."

"Kick ass. Catchy. Hard thumping drums and bass rhythms, alive and vibrant - an energetic mix of rock with a Southern flavor, reminiscent of pre-crash Skynyrd but with a funky modern groove."

Taylor Van Arsdale - University Link Magazine

"It's good to see that straight ahead good-time rock n' roll still exist - this stuff kills!"

Drummer, Rob Zombie; Modern Drummer's Hard Rock Drummer of the Year - Tommy Clufetos

"When Jimmy Herald sings, he lets loose with electrifying intensity; a combination of Bon Scott meets Axl Rose."

Taylor Van Arsdale - University Link Magazine

"This record belongs in your collection. Right between Aerosmith and AC/DC."

Legendary Recording Engineer for bands like Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Whit - Bryan Carlstrom

"A modern edged, raucous all-you-can-eat auditory buffet."

University Link Magazine - Taylor Van Arsdale