Hillary Howard / Press

“In my opinion there’s a big difference between singers (the type of crap you find on talent shows all looking for Truth be told, with the exception of Chelsea Wolfe, who I was lucky enough to see supporting Queens Of The Stone Age here in St Pete back in February and maybe Lana Del Rey, none of the recent female artists that are filling the charts make the type of music that really get my attention. The likes of Lorde and LadyHawke are all good chart fodder, they’re just not what I like. However, the second Hillary’s voice met my ears on her track ‘Veins’ (which I urge you to check out below or on her Reverbnation site right HERE) my attention was well and truly grabbed!”

“Well, Kat and Steven, we are talking artists here with Hillary and Chloe and Taylor that have both TALENT and professional guidance.......”

Stephen Thomas McClellan - facebook

“I've seen the future of music and its Hillary Howard”

Larry Sahagian(lead singer of Urban Gorillas) - Facebook