Hillary Hand / Press

“Hand’s vocals are intriguing and authentic, and she boasts an impressive range. The music is nicely arranged, and chock full of mesmerizing riffs.”

“Playing as a solo/duo act from Colorado Springs, Hillary Hand was featured in four unofficial showcases this year at SXSW, including shows at the 512, Shanga-Li, and the Chuggin’ Monkey. This year was the first time the group has had the opportunity to travel to Austin for the festival but they played with such ease and confidence that it seemed like Austin was a second home. Hillary’s soaring vocals are reminiscent of Adele’s 21 album, with traces of Fiona Apple. Coupled with her lyrics of love and loves’ lost and Hillary Hand is impossible to ignore. Two of her showcases featured a drummer/guitar player that brought an elegant edge to the sound; filling out shallow parts of each song and setting a rhythm to dance along to. Hillary Hand is a must-see so keep an eye out for shows around Denver this Spring.”

“Take the style of Feist, throw in the soul of Norah Jones and maybe a dash of Zooey Deschanel’s quirkiness and you might find Hillary Hand. “Paper Doll” blends musical textures seamlessly that provide an aural landscape that is exhilarating to be a part of.”

“The demanding life of Hillary Hand is one that supplies her writing with plenty of inspiration. She’s a traveler, a family woman and through it all manages to contribute alluring music. Oddly enough, the artist never wrote a song before 2011. While she had been playing the piano since the age of 6, it took years to actually convey her emotions in the structure of song. Since, she has been writing and recording with very little breathing room between the two. Hand is what one comes to expect from a singer / songwriter. The whole genre usually emphasizes more on the tone and story of the vocals than the accompanying melodies. The narrative becomes more vivid and emotional with the approach, grappling at heartstrings with a soft ferocity. Her newest EP “Paper Doll,” was released this past summer on Unboxed Records, and is a delicate work of subtle harmonies with stark contrasts in instrumentation. It’s a soulful listen that lies in the cohesive boundaries of the singer / song”