Hildr Valkyrie / Press

“Again there is big role for Michal "Saga Fiori (Black Knight Symfonia). More than that, on this record he has a dominant role and is more or less the lead vocalist, as he can be heard on every song. The clean male vocals are again from Metfolvik (Ravenclaw), and he sounds stronger than ever. To my great satisfaction female vocalists Hildr Valkyrie and Anas Chevallier (Black Knight Symfonia), who especially shined on the magnificent fully acoustic album, 'Forgotten Lore', have returned and again deliver vocal highlights with their beautiful voices.”

“Prophecy Productions, just announced the new release by Helrunar and Árstí∂ir Lífsins which is called "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation". Helrunar's "Wein für Polyphem" -“Οἶνος πρὸ τοῦ Πολυφήμου”- draws from Homer's "Odyssey" and they honoured Hildr Valkyrie to join them to this song, adding the presence of Athena. Release date: 05.07.2013”

“The aim of the record is to discover once again our roots, traditions and celebrate Nordic mythology, as she already did with her other two bands Folkearth and Folkodia.”

“HV is really interesting, professional and memorable in it’s sense, and this is the main thing that here’s good stuff”

"Shield Brothers of Valhalla" , I only have to say that' s it is an album that deserves a place in your viking folk metal collection.