Hilary York / Press

“Tall and blonde, Hilary has this contralto voice that sounds like Marianne Faithfull today and delivers a punch with every note.”

“It took three or four spins before we realized it, but In The Dark is easily one of the best albums yet to be released in 2009. This lady's presence just oozes out of the speakers.”

“Hilary York's new "In The Dark" is what Girlie Action dreams about. From the opening wallop of "Jaded"...York's promise is now being fulfilled.”

“She doesn't sound like a Texas girl, but rather like a smoky bi-continental with a knack for writing sharp lyrics and soulful, horn-section supported rock melodies.”

“Austin singer-songwriter Hilary York's sophomore effort jumps out of the speakers with its opening track, the confessional "Jaded," which in another time might have come to life on a Box Tops record with Alex Chilton sneering the ambivalent lyric.”

“There’s no phoniness about Hilary – what you hear is what you get.”

“Hilary York knows how to create radio-friendly tunes without pandering to the audience. Her songs are accessible enough to be played alongside any regular rotation including John Mayer or Jack Johnson, but they’re devoid of any campy riffs or hooks that scream, “Put me on the radio!””