Hi Infidelity / Press

“You guys were awesome at Bourbon Street last night. It was like going to a good mass at Church. The audience was singing the words of their life from the soul. And you guys stood there really listening! and enjoying it too! With hand gestures and even taking pictures of willing posers! I went there by myself-but I was not at all alone! Great show!”

Cheryl Kelly, Palos Park

“Have had the pleasure of seeing you guys a few times now, and all I can say is AWESOME!”

Krista, Chicago

“I am a Gold Star Mom and I was in Illinois for the Freedom Run and saw you guys on June 18 and you rock!! Best cover band I ever heard!!”

Debbie Brown, Lexington, NC

“You guys Are Great!!! I am a Mom of a 4yr old and my time out on the town is spent with you! It makes for a much relaxed evening. The only problem is you are never playing Northwest Indiana......? So keep up the great work and rock out in NWI sometime.”

Joy, Crown Point, IN

“You guys were AWESOME at Mt. Prospect Festival!!!! I had a BLAST watching you guys!! In my point of view you're the BEST cover band that I have seen at any festival. Keep on Rockin and I'll see you at the Kane County Fair!!”

Amy, Hoffman Estates

“WOW! Just had to comment...first time I've had the pleasure of listening to you at the Justice Fest and I absolutely love you! I feel guilty, as I have been a dedicated follower (some say groupie) of another band, but I will be sharing my time out with you guys too! Stay cool....you guys really rock....will look forward to next time!”

Patti, Summit