"Highteen Boogie is three Japanese firebrand rock vixens on a mission to make you shut up, dance and recognize good rock'n’roll when you hear it! These girls are talented, ferocious and yet very nice people, gigging constantly in New York and bringing the party with them wherever they go. Displaying a true-spirit punk rock attitude, and great, infectious poppy hooks, the band is high energy but not just clones of every punk band you’ve ever heard. They’ve got the shoe-to-your-teeth attitude and sloppy Skronk, without so much the disassemble-it-all minded sensibilities of Pussy Galore crossed with Ramones style good time power. They also show their own Japanese style and flair in every song. True punk music is great because no matter how many punk bands you have heard, a good band makes the beloved style their own and fresh as ever. Highteen Boogie are no exception."

"High Teen Boogie, an all American Japanese female punk/rock trio and also certainly one of the most exciting bands I have ever seen live (and trust me I have seen a lot). High Teen Boogie has the pure raw energy of the Ramones in their early days, so it is no wonder why Joey Ramone used to attend their shows when the girls first started out. High Teen Boogie is another of these bands than one must see live, the girls storm the stage and take no prisoner: it’s like standing right in front of a jet plane’s engine as it takes off. High Teen Boogie is Nonlee on Bass, Hitomi on Drums and Yuka on Guitar, these girls sound great, look great, and are totally sexy. If there was any justice in the r’n’r world they would have been signed to a major label already, but HTB has the DIY spirit deep in their blood, which makes them even cooler. I’m pretty much in love with them and they have their spot in my list of all time favorite bands."