High on Stress / Press

"High on Stress carry on in the grand tradition of Minneapolis music - great rock 'n' roll with a rootsy slant; cheeky at times, consistently well written and played."

Peter Jesperson - New West Records

“Fresh from opening Tommy Stinson's gig last Monday, Twin Cities quartet High on Stress lets its Replacements freak flag wave on its third and best album yet, "Living Is a Dying Art." The disc features a guest spot by Whiskeytown's Caitlin Cary on one of its softer gems, "Head," but is mostly loaded with hard-bashing, semi-twangy barroom rock centered around Minot, N.D.-reared frontman Nick Leet's clever everyman lyricism”

Chris Riemenschneider - Star Tribune

“High on Stress played up their 'Mats influence in the opening set by burning through their songs at breakneck speed, barely stopping to take a breath before launching into another alt-country-meets-punk-rock tune.”

Andrea Swensson - Gimmie Noise - City Pages

“[One] of the area's finest song-centered acts ...”

Jim Walsh - author of "All Over But the Shouting"

“Minneapolis has a storied musical history. Luminaries such as Bob Dylan, Prince, the Replacements and even the Hold Steady have some sort of a link to the chilly region. After listening to "Cop Light Parade" I can't help but feel like they have done their ancestors proud”

Twangville (Texas)

“I think regular readers will testify that I haven’t lost my sense of childlike excitement and slavish enthusiasm when I do come across something that hits me in that musical G-spot somewhere between the ears, brain and heart. High on Stress are the latest who can count themselves members of that roster”

Last Year's Girl (Glasgow)

“(They) prove once and for all that High on Stress can write, play, and record nearly any genre or style and come out on top. Overall, a gorgeous album from four guys who just get better with every release”

Tom Hallett - Round the Dial

“High on Stress has mastered the sound that has made their city so revered in the rock stratosphere”

Late Night Wallflower (New York City)

“Let it not be said that they don’t know how to rock in Minneapolis. And High on Stress will be happy to prove it to ‘ya. The band’s latest serves up a healthy dose of Midwestern rock and roll, the kind that sounds better the louder that you play it. And I mean that as a compliment. ”

Twangville (Boston, MA)

“I got an advance of the album a few weeks ago and found myself wandering midtown Manhattan after dark, listening to a quintessentially Minneapolis soundtrack through my ear buds. Living is a Dying Art is a 13-track LP that further cements the “Minneapolis sound” as accessible, guitar-based, roots rock. Each song is an invitation for raising a glass of whatever domestic draft is on special and singing along to catchy choruses that speak to the heart of any Midwestern soul. ”

Perfect Porridge

“(High on Stress) transcend time, such is the power of classic rock 'n' roll. Not only do they have the sound perfected, they have the songs to match. ”

Sound of Confusion (United Kingdom)

“Living is a Dying Art is High on Stress's third full-length, and they're building up quite an impressive body of work. ”

Absolute Powerpop

"A tight, honest, refreshing batch of new tunes from an outfit that defies genre, refuses to fall into categorization and continues to pen one stunning classic-to-be after another"

Tom Hallett - Round the Dial

“As soon as opening track, “Bite Your Tongue” kicks in, you’ll be playing air guitar, air bass and air drums as you sing along to the winning chorus ”


“High on Stress are about perseverance. Their third album Living Is a Dying Art digs even further into the darker niches of DIY garage rock. They like to get in your face and under your skin, serving up their songs with bravado”

Here Comes the Flood (Netherlands)

"Have you ever tried to write a killer rock song? How about 12 of them? It's hard but High on Stress make it sound easy"

Bob Longmore - City Pages

“High On Stress are carrying on (the Replacements) legacy and doing it justice”

TO Snob (Toronto, Canada)

“When I first heard High On Stress, a smile spread across my face within the first few seconds of the song starting. There’s this undeniable influence from The Replacements in their tunes, and a Paul Westerberg-like croon always reminds me of better days”

Burgo's Blog (Australia)

"High on Stress make the kind of music Minneapolis was once known for: heart-on-sleeve bar rock with just a hint of the prairie, the sort of tunes that groups like Soul Asylum and the Replacements rode to mythic status. They come darn close to matching the squalid splendor of their forebears on Cop Light Parade"

Rob Van Alstyne - Metromix (Kare11)

“You won't be over this baby in one play. It's tantalizing intrigue will keep you coming back for more”

Power Pop Review (United Kingdom)

“They're a band not too cool to call themselves alt-country, and that's a good indicator of the album's pure, inspired sound.”

“High on Stress recalls both the alt-country sway of the Jayhawks and the devil-may-care swagger of the Replacements... easygoing, instantly likable tracks...”

Ross Raihala - St. Paul Pioneer Press

“With 'Cop Light Parade', ... the album is full of confidence; it sounds like a band that has found its pace. Lead singer Nick Leet's voice is strong and sure, and the band channel the Stones, early Wilco, and Paul Westerberg as they bend and curl around the clever and lucid lyrics. ”

“Other bands produce as tight of a sound as High On Stress. However, lyrics are harder and that is what makes High On Stress more critically recognized than some of their contemporaries”

Monica Rasmussen - Examiner