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“High Hopes at Indian Point Park, Rhode Island Reggae Festival - I met them at the festival and they were amazing one of the best upcoming reggae bands I've ever seen and I was out on tour with Steel Pulse. I intend to go see them in Harlem New York when they're in my neck of the words in September god bless ,peace ,respect and happiness to you all Reviewer: Larry Stephenson Event Date: August 8th, 2015 Event Type: Festival Event City: Providence, RI Serviced Provided: Reggae Band Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Expertise: 5 out of 5 Communication: 5 out of 5 Professionalism: 5 out of 5 Priced Fairly: 5 out of 5 Adaptability: 5 out of 5”

“Roots Reggae At Its Deep, Psychedelic Best at Maxwell’s Thursday Night by delarue Thursday night at Maxwell’s, the buzz was that Kiwi – the tri-state area’s most consistently entertaining and original roots reggae band – was going to school the two out-of-town acts on the bill. To their immense credit, both Myrtle Beach’s Treehouse and Boston’s High Hopes Band rose to the occasion, resulting in a wickedly good late-summer festival of deep psychedelic grooves. One of the measures of a band is how well they play to an empty room. Seriously – any band can feed off the energy of a good audience, and the crowd was slow to arrive when Treehouse hit the stage at nine sharp. But they played as if they were headlining Coachella. They were by far the loudest and hardest-rocking of the three groups. Guitarist Jeremy Anderson had a blast with the dozens of settings on his huge pedalboard: he likes an icy tone and plays leads with furious flurries of tremolo-picking, building to s”

“Starting off the band’s live set was “Sucka” that was written by Franks based loosely off of his experiences with love and unfortunate heartbreak. Franks vocals are rich and deep – he maintains a that classic reggae feel showing how he is the perfect addition to the High Hopes’ line-up. Franks sang, “the way you make me feel darling, it’s so unreal/got me stuck to you like glue/you make me crazy/loving you just feel feels so right.” Up next was “Truth and Rights” where Dick took the lead vocals and Franks harmonized in background with an effortless falsetto. Like “Sucka” – both of these tracks hooked listeners from the get-go with the instantly recognizable reggae chords at the ever-so-steady 72 beats-per-minute – you just can’t go wrong.”

“So glad to have you back this year! Last year was awesome, HHB had this place rockin'. I'm booking the band for our event next summer as well. Great job!”

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"Can we book you out for 3 more shows this Summer, patrons keep asking when High Hopes is returning, you're their favorite reggae band of the series."

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“A popping reggae beat met the R&B feel, complimenting tender and romantic lyrics. Iron Zion’s scratchy vocals added a zest to the song, and everyone in the studio grooved and swayed to the beat, fully appreciating the positive energy the band brought on. ”

“This band is sure to be headlining Reggae Fests across the Universe over the next couple of years. go to link for more on HHB”

“You guys were phenomenal tonight. I'm calling my booking partner tomorrow to get you on our regular rotation of venues. - HearNowLive”

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