Higher Love / Press

"Quite surreal - Extreme Minimalism that could work for a more defined Visual Image. Clearly original + melodically interesting. Not a youth market but eerie + dark, so maybe cult appeal. Capitalise on the eccentricity of style - but perhaps expand beyond 4/4 + increase range."

Brian Clifford - Gig @Native Tongue, Epsom

“With Higher Love I think I have managed to find the most original style of music to date”

Big In The Game

“a very very dark version of Joy Division…Or an obscurantist Depeche Mode or maybe even the sonic realization of Bono's suicide attempt!… lyrics concerning The Apocalypse, and bloody hell, it actually sounds like it! Cool!!…”

Bugbear Bookings

“Higher Love uses the ultimate goth formula – dramatic, gloomy, spooky, at times theatrical (there's even a twist at the end of the set), definitely very Cure-ish, very slowed down Bauhaus.”

UK Events

“'overall atmosphere of tension with jangly, nervy guitars and a fractious rhythm section'”

“While The Cure are the obvious touchstone throughout this demo, there are touches of U2 (Especially in the twangy, hangy guitar lines) and Joy Division to be had, and at least a faint glimmer of perrenial underdogs London After Midnight and some very early (Read: very odd) Human League. There’s certainly a very 80s vibe going on, and the heavily accented vocals actually help add to the generally vampiric atmosphere at times, putting me in mind of Outcast”

“Never judge a book by its cover. So it's no surprise that Higher Love, a less than sounding "cool" band, are technically gifted and great song writers. Demon-masked drummer Mark D. took on the lead for the exceptional performance with hooks and beats that echo their influences of Bruce Springsteen and Joy Division. Disappointingly, the mask disappeared quickly, ruining the mystery and charisma they started with. Still, their 'cold rock/Goth punk', as they call it, resonated powerfully in the room.”

Surface Festival