Hiding Scarlet / Press

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“It’s surprising to see a band meshing such disparate styles as Muse-esque proggy alt-rock and Nightwish-esque symphonic gothic metal. Even more surprising is that the combination works well. Hiding Scarlet makes the otherwise unlikely fusion feel almost effortless. One assumes that is because, for this band, the combination is indeed effortless. The material on “Oscuro” doesn’t come across as an intentional mash-up, but rather the natural byproduct of a unique musical outlook.”

““If Tim Burton and Tool got together, it would sound like Hiding Scarlet. Hiding Scarlet are a great band and they need to be witnessed live in order to really get it. Seeing them live was great…Definitely check them out.””

Luke Helker - Hear Me Out

"Hiding Scarlet showcases an impressive balance between Progressive Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Theatrical Metal and even Celtic elements….shines with the musical brilliance comparable to priceless gem. Need I say more?"

"Their album Bound has been a listener favorite since we first came across it back in February of 2012. Since then the band has added a few more songs to their lineup, and we’ve had a chance to sample one on the air. The new material is even better than their debut album and we’re looking forward to hearing more and more Hiding Scarlet.”

“2012 Indie Award for Best Live Performance”