Hideous Input / Press

“Move to the city, put this CD on your stereo at night, turn out the lights, and watch the headlights on the road outside while the music stalks through your room. You'll feel it breathing. These tracks are zigzagging electrical energy... driven by dark magic.”

“It is easy to contend that Bowie would sell his eyeteeth for this track if he knew about it... comparisons aside, had this been released back in the early 80's it would have been too ahead of it's time. New Wave... with a new style and sound fitting for the new generation.”

"The CD stunned me. It was creative, dangerous, predatory, angry, despairing, and alive. Viciously alive. The music stalked around my room like a panther."

“Heimlich is definitely one of the better tracks on the compilation... One of the best groovy tracks I've come across lately. A real mover.”

“I was quickly tempted to say, 'Ah they sound just like…' but had trouble finishing the sentence... It’s the new new wave. It’s electronic, sequential and hypnotic, but darker than it’s predecessor... All the same, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear Hideous Input on the next John Hughes film soundtrack.”

“Surely a highlight to Blackend, I Am Not Alive is an excellent old skool synthpop sound...”

“Hideous Input has managed to breath life into a sometimes cliche world of electronic music.”

“[Don't Waste a Minute] from Hideous Input is a definite highlight to the compilation... One Night Stand is a darkwave track that combines various melodic interludes with quiet, whispered vocals. Very well put together... Another from Hideous Input, who are clearly showing up all the other bands here with their offerings.”