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“[Human_Error] definitely gets my vote for Occult-themed genre-hopping psych-prog album of the year. Also easily takes the best theremin soloing trophy. Much like with the Lesbian album in 2010, I just kind of fell into an addictive wormhole with this for a while. It’s like I have to get to the bottom of the intricate weirdness and interrogate its reality to a satisfactory level of understanding or all is not right with the multiverse. Fucking prog. It pushes me around, calls me stupid, and I compulsively have to prove it wrong. I can understand you, you arrogant disc. Do you think you’re better than me? Anyway, these guys are completely doing their own freakish thing and you’ve just got to respect the sheer level of strangeness involved therein. What’s with the hooks? You wouldn’t expect shit like this to have hooks, but there they are.”

“Comparing is a major human error, but imagine Tito and Tarantula jamming with some guys from a real rough hardcore band on some King Crimson themes. Neurotic and explosive, gloomy and mysterious, shady and filled with sparkling, beautiful highlights. Expect the unexpected.”

“Whereas the band's prior work was more chaotic in its succinct genre hopping, drawing obvious comparisons to bands like Secret Chiefs 3 and Mr. Bungle, here they craftily carve out more of their own niche with eerie yet surpisingly melod-epic song structures and über complex instrumentation. And unlike a ton of fellow bands who mine past prog conventions like early Genesis riffitude or stock metal instrumentation, Hidden Number toss a lot of different knives into the bag as far as influences go. There's a bunch of surf rock goodness, sputtering techno assaults, Middle Eastern meditational flourishes, and most welcomingly, some of the choicest theremin soloing to date -- none of which seems particularly contrived or out of place. The between-song ambient interludes extend a new dimension of lysergic illumination to the band's repertoire as well, conjoining the tunage and making it that much space-tastier.”

“Sounds pretty cool but definitely not up my ally. ”

Legendary Producer, Ron Nevison - Legendary Producer, Ron Nevison

"The ten songs found on "Burn Alive" by the (Pacific) Northwest's Hidden Number are pedal to the floor, don't look back, herky-jerky neo-wave that features sounds so angular as to be jagged. Synths, guitars and vocals lope and rage back and forth between the speakers with such pummeling power that they wouldn't even bother to stop and [make love] to the wasted corpse of electroclash to let the listener catch their breath." -- sicthings.com