Hickoids / Press

“the legendary Austin cowpunk combo may be older and wiser—but they still don’t give a fuck.”

Greg Beets - Blurt

“This long-promised long player from the Hickoids has taken on a kind of mythical quality over the last quarter century or so. Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit delivers on every broken promise — going down like a throat-scalding shooter of garage-rock attitude, Tex-Mex boogie groove and lysergic delirium.”

Nick DeRiso - Something Else Reviews

“a gut-busting jambalaya of southern styles”

Kevin Allen - Elmore Magazine

“The Hickoids songwriting mojo and freaky outlook on life still boil.”

Michael Toland - The Big Takeover Magazine

“Don’t let the fact that they beat out the likes of Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel and Jerry Jeff Walker for the best country band at the Austin Music Awards throw you; they are more than country, more than punk rock and more than psychedelic they are the Hickoids!”

Todd Bugs - Rod & Kulture Magazine

“Have they lost the plot in their maturing years? Well, with a forthcoming new album titled Hairy Chafin‘ Ape Suit, don‘t expect these nutball cudpunks to start acting their age anytime soon.”

“The Hickoids are to country music what a stick of dynamite is to firecrackers. Back in the days when no one had to worry much about keeping Austin weird, the Hickoids were doing their best to make it the weirdest place in Texas, if not on earth.”

“The irreverent, but still relevant, Hickoids slammed together punk and country long before it became cool, or safe.”

“How do the Hickoids manage to keep their cache intact? Neither Smith nor his longtime foil Davy Jones spin the bottle or otherwise fuel themselves, and aren’t they supposed to flag after all this time? Nyet.They sound as big and badass as ever...”

“This CD is pure hard driving kick ass punk rock done Texas style.. This CD is old school at it's best...”

“Apart from maybe the Groovy Rednecks or Hank III, there aren't any country-rock performers around these days who live it up recklessly and raucously with the same boozy, profane attitude and hell-raisin' abandon as the Hickoids.”