Hezekiah Jones / Press

“An Aquarium Drunkard holds anything released by Charlottesville, VA’s Yer Bird Records in high esteem, but this, the label’s fourth release, is by far it’s strongest. Yer Bird’s latest find, Philadelphia based Hezekiah Jones, weaves his musical quilt out of the same soft, acoustic cloth most recently and elegantly spun by the likes of Sam Beam and Will Oldham. While warm and inviting, Hezekiah pokes and stirs up darker lyrical truths adding a textual spoonful of sugar to make his unique brand of medicine go down. Be sure to check out the unreleased track “Put On Your Light” below.”

“Tre brani in particolare sono degni di essere citati. In “Albert Hash”, un uomo che si ritrova ad ubriacarsi la sera dopo delle estenuanti giornate di lavoro si rivolge al pubblico raccontando la miseria della propria vita quotidiana. Cutrufello dipinge però questa storia con l’azzurro fatato della favola della buonanotte e, al solito, con una grande capacità compositiva che si traveste di semplicità. “Postpone” è una dolcissima canzone d’amore, forse il brano più bello dell’album, sicuramente il più delicato. “Which Side Are We On?” è la scelta perfetta per la chiusura di questa mezz’ora di musica (perché, incredibile a dirsi vista l’intensità che quasi tende a dilatare indefinitamente il senso del tempo che passa, l’album dura all’incirca trenta minuti).”

“Il était pourtant facile de ne rien dire. Un album sorti il y a un an et même plus, une distribution en France fort confidentielle et même moins, un nom qui a déjà des airs de redite... Les arguments ne manquaient pas vraiment pour passer ce disque sous silence. Qu'importe. La musique d'Hezekiah Jones a ce qu'il faut pour agripper l'attention des oreilles distraites et la maintenir au chaud dans une douce atmosphère à l'écorce encore brute. Faites le test et glissez discrètement ce disque en fond sonore d'une réunion quelconque. Les conversations s'interrompront progressivement ou se porteront sur "Hezekiah Says You're A-OK".”

“Calling him a folk artist seems limiting, especially when you consider the diversity on this EP (Put on Your Light sounds more like a Decibully track than a Hezekiah song), but folk artists are the voice of the people. And Hezekiah Jones is a voice that can speak for a lot of us. I can't recommend this EP (or the first record) enough.”

“I highly recommend Hezekiah Jones’ 2007 release, Come to Our Pool Party. It contains super catchy folk melodies, including my personal favorites “Cupcakes for the Army,”"Knives of Summertime,” and “Rain-stars.” There’s a lot of personality coming through Herekiah Jones’ music, which is one of the reasons why I really like them. The poetic lyrics are cleverly written and clearly the band isn’t afraid to experiment and have a little fun. Their debut, Hezekiah Says You’re A-Ok, is really solid as well.”

“Hezekiah Says You’re A-OK is a balancing act, paying homage to the beauty of traditional folk even as it winks to the listener. By the time “Which Side Are We On?” reaches the end of its eight minutes and the album comes to a close, the question is moot: the band can play both sides equally well. More credit to Yer Bird, then, for giving Hezekiah Jones the chance.”

“Stripped down of everything but pure talent and lyrics that will help you rid yourself of what weighs you down, the music of Hezekiah Jones leaves you needing nothing more. Surrender to his powerfully and deeply scripted folksy whispers and you will find a truly gifted artist that speaks directly to you. His melodies are for your ears and the smiles you are left with are for the rest of those you come in contact with after listening to his music. There is something humbling about how he sings for us. Ultimately, his music is what makes us human- its about connection. Therein lies the power of Hezekiah Jones, how through a few minutes, he has built a new bond with you.”

“If Kurt Vonnegut was born a musician, this would've been exactly what he would've written. It's about a post-apocalyptic world where just 16,080 survivors are assigned to rebuild earth, casting away all the old and starting over with new ideals: "It's real quiet now no one has TV/ We communicate with our minds we all have ESP/ And we grow our own food we all know where it's been/ Everyone knows love no one believes in sin..." ”