HESTON / Press

"Having heard the new project - "Love Junkie" is a jam-packed romp through the mind and the music of the artist - who after 10 years in this business, is at the top of his game"

“A throwback to the best of seventies’ mellow soul.”


“If there are any comparisons to be made, they would have to be with legendary artists such as Marvin, Smokey and Leon Ware for its honesty, musicality and the ability to produce songs where the subject and music align together as perfect bedfellows.”

“Heston defies genre categorization. He blends musical styles & breaks the mold that is the usual fodder for Soul artists. ”

“Reminiscent of a classic, like Wilson Pickett. ”

Atlanta Journal Constitution

“HESTON is the artist that delivers with precision the three “Rs” that we all look for…real artist, real music, with real instruments.”

Doc Robinson - Jazz Beat Promotions

“An extremely well-done debut from Heston Francis -- a soul singer who sounds like he's had years of experience in the business! Heston's got one of those "instant classic" voices -- confidently sensuous, and informed by the best sides of mellow 70s soul -- yet very much his own man, with none of the simple sort of copycat modes that might otherwise ruin the set. He's also got a great talent for writing original tunes -- and comes up with some great tunes that really grab us right away, of the sort that make you go "hey, I'm sure I've heard that before -- right?”

Dusty Grooves

“Refreshing, energizing and stimulating are a few of the choice words I would use to describe Heston. The moment Heston approached the mic there was this magnetic pull between him and the audience that could not be resisted. Keep your eyes and ears open for this brother." ”

Nicci Roach - KATZ-FM/The Freeman Bosley, Jr. Show

“Heston's music transcends age, time and genre. His voice is amazing and his music touches your soul. If you have not heard him you are missing one the greatest singers of our time.”

"His voice rises and falls like ocean waves rolling over the white sands of his Dominica homeland. A guitar-welding troubadour whose tenor is as melodious as the island accent of his native tongue..."

"Few musicians today who wish to leave a legacy choose to not stay with 'what’s hot'. Atlanta’s latest R&B sensation Heston talks about where he got his smooth sound, sticking with live instrumentation and defining what is timeless music."

"It' s not a surprise, to see this Atlanta based musician finally getting the attention that he deserves, especially since he has been influenced by the best."

“This British West Indies born singer-songwriter has a vibe that that is a throwvack to the best of 70's mellow soul.”