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“Spanish modern jazz guru Henry Menrath released new album called Perception Remota, funky modern jazz, very laid back music. For Pat Metheny fans. Link: http://www.henrymenrath.bandcamp.com”

“Llevo un día entero escuchando el nuevo trabajo de Henry Menrath y me inclino hacia donde haga falta para saborear y sobre todo disfrutarlo. PERCEPCIÓN REMOTA es una cita obligada para todos los amantes del JAZZ SOUL, fusión interpretada a la perfección. Decir que todos los instrumentos que reflejan el buen hacer del disco los ha tocado el mismo Henry Menrath. Las programaciones y los arreglos también han sido dirigidos por él mismo. Próximamente se presentará PERCEPCIÓN REMOTA con toda la banda. EN Definitiva escuchar este disco que nos regala Henry, JAZZ SOUL FUSSION!! recomendable.”

“Great playlist Henry...wonder after another !!! I am kind of spell bound to the beauty of your music.”

“Henry, you are one funky dude. Same as your music. LOVE IT ALL !! Come on over to the USA and play for me !! GOOD STUFF”

“Inspired by Mr. Menrath's jam... "King Cross Lighthouse, that's where we kissed Talking of mermaids and ocean days of past we missed We danced with the waves, we sung with the gulls We ate paella and drank wine until we were full King Cross Lighthouse, I'll never forget that light but the spark that we shared was ever more bright!" Thankx so much 4 the fan, I'm honored! nOVA”

“Muy impresionante! Las composiciones son inteligentes y muy creativas y todo interpretado con mucho talento.”

http://www.reverbnation.com/yellowalbum - .

“Thanks Henry ,You are the guy that knows the funk. Great playing my friend.”

“Just listened to 'jamky'. great track. Really enjoyed the sound u have. Bk soon. keep in touch. M.L”

“love this " jazzy dance"~ positive vibes”

http://www.reverbnation.com/pinksideofthemoon - :

“Your new (5 yr old) Calma misteriosa is superb Henry!! Oct 21”

Andrew Austin - .

“Hi Henry, thank you very much!!! Great music here, keep on!!!”

Paolo Apollo Negri - :

“nice job ! congrats”

Gate57 - Songwriters/Producers:

“Cooleo Henry!! Particuarly like Giroscope & Finegroove ~ tasty playing!!! Wishing you all the best, Andrew”

Andrew Austin