Henry + The Invisibles / Press

“I believe I may have actually found an artist polished enough to truly be called "great". Henry + the Invisibles is the first act I have seen in quite some time that possesses that certain indescribable spark of rock 'n' roll excellence that is usually reserved for the national acts that we all love to jealously hate.”

Kerry Martin - Backbeat Magazine

"Roland was a literal one-man band, frantically hopping from guitar to drums to bass to keys to vocals, playing a few bars on one, looping it, and moving on to another while the audience attentively watched the culmination of a song gradually materialize, like the mad scientist who finally makes his flask explode into a giant fireball!"

“If you’re among the minority in San Antonio who still haven’t seen Henry + the Invisibles — the type heard to mutter, “I’ve heard a lot about them but I’ve never seen them.” — I have news for you: you never will. Henry + the Invisibles are the brain-heart-lungs-everything-child of Henry Roland, a one-man band!”

“Henry and the Invisibles trips people out. This is not an opinion or over-generalization; this is a fact.”

Anali Barrera - SA Metro

"The evolution of sound has reached the new nexus. One man standing on a mountain, blowing a bugle, beating on the earth, and changing the way we listen."

Matt Guzman - Study Breaks

"Stomp meets rock meets funk and soul... Worth checking out!"

Clint Hale - 210

“Henry + the Invisibles produces live loops on the spot to create a soulful, funk-tastic experience that guides the crowd through an orchestration of electronica and fusion.”

Ashley Cass - Sky Saw