Henri / Press

“Henri is back with a festive new track on the Dauman label entitled "Some Girls." This is a remake of a track by English singer Rachel Stevens, who had a hit in the UK with it in 2004. Mixes are provided by Norty Cotto and the results are pretty good. It's a bubbly slice of pop/dance music and Henri's vocals are complimented by a chugging bass line and some fun girly chants as background vocals. Norty Cotto has been delivering some great mixes lately and this one is no exception. Listen carefully during the song for the sample he uses of Blondie's classic hit "Call Me." I'm sure the inspiration for this comes from the original edit by the Alumni. It has a very retro eighties feel with lots of synthesizers and drums. These two versions along with a dub and radio edit by Cotto are all available on the CD maxi single. It's a great track and is already getting love from DJs everywhere. Henri proves with "Some Girls" that there is room for one more diva out on the dancefloor.”