Henning Stumm / Press

“..... Henning Stumm, One of the most demanded drummers and percussionist for live and studio sessions...... see what makes this artist so good to be around,The only thing bigger then his talent is his heart.”

“...der Groove ist immer lebendig und treibend und gleichzeitig beruhigend wie ein ruhiger Herzschlag.”

"....Mr. Stumm has been blessed with a gift that will continue to inspire, motivate, empower for years to come."

“Buzz Artist of the week is drummer Henning Stumm. Dude really layered UA Fest 09 with his exploratory drummer/percussionist vibration.”

“At the halfway point, they break for jazz with saxophonist Blake blowing through a pair of very lite but still pleasing pieces by composer Henning Stumm. ”

"Your technical prowess as well as your dynamite drum work was truly amazing!" Radio Host BigTrigger

“Of note was a medly of percussive expressions by Henning Stumm. his instrument was bongos with which he displayed some cool fast action. Mr. Stumm has some groove in them jazzy hands. He followed with an up-beat number on a triangle that surprised me also”

“Henning Stumm: Known as a vital force on the New York session scene, brings solid time and groove to the music. Whether it is the ancient West-African rhythms of the Yoruba,Fon,Jazz, Neo-Soul,Gospel, Henning Stumm effortlessly moves from style to style,distinctively with his signature sound.”