He-Nis-Ra / Press

“Fri, October 7, 2016 It would be redundant for me to say that I had the pleasure of seeing a slew of amazing bands at Rock USA this past year. However, one of the loudest, catchiest and most grooving bands that I had a chance to catch was He-Nis-Ra out of Green Bay. They were playing one of the side stages this year. He-Nis-Ra has been around the scene for awhile and have always had an upward trajectory. However, they decided to take their sound and song-writing prowess to the next level when they hooked-up with producer Aaron Zinsmeister from White Raven Audio. The results of this partnership can be heard below in the new video for their single, "Tanked". "Tanked" was debuted this past Monday at a sold out venue in the De Pere Cinema. Also debuted that evening was the short-film Gags. Gags is the controversial clown that has been seen creeping around Green Bay and causing quit the stir. He also makes a cameo appearance in the video for "Tanked". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=”

“ready and willing to make it happen, better then ever before, great line up, great musicians and best of all the best music!!”

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