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Hemoptysis / Press

"A band of this quality should not be left unsigned for long; this is a band that displays an effortless controlled expulsion of metal greatness and gel together to produce a thunderous thrash death hybrid of total quality guaranteed.” Rated 5 out of 5

"There’s a whole host of newcomers on today’s thrash scene, but few rarely qualify as the real deal. Hemoptysis is definitely the exception, and by far one of the most promising unsigned acts in the as thrash scene today." Rated 8.5 out of 10.

"I’m slightly surprised that Arizona’s Hemoptysis hasn’t garnered more attention (or a record deal for that matter), seeing as they are the only band in this retro-movement that I’ve actually come to enjoy. The fact that Hemoptysis has managed to entertain me, despite playing a genre I’m not nuts about is a testament to the band’s skill and passion as well songwriting ability. As a result they should be considered one of the most promising unsigned acts to surface in quite some time."

"Thrash album of the year!" rated 9 out of 10.

“ “I have one question, why is Hemoptysis not signed to a major label? This band has produced what I consider a perfect Thrash metal album. The album is called "Misanthropic Slaughter" And it contains 11 blistering tracks, it's thrash at its finest. Thrash isn't the only style showcased on the release, Hemoptysis blend heavy guitar melodies along with thrash, melodies that reminded me of early Iron Maiden. And the guitar duties are held by Masaki, as mentioned earlier and Ryan Miller, the solos are explosive, and intricate. The bass work is handled by Sunao Arai, and Travis Thune plays drums. Most of the time I point out a few standout songs in my reviews, but this CD is one of the few that I can play all the way through, no fast forwards here folks. And the CD packaging is top notch. So far his is my favorite release of 2011.” Rated 5 out of 5.”

““Misanthropic Slaughter” reflects a band fully shed of any stylistic overlaps; Masaki’s gravelly rasp has been honed to a gritty, saw blade edge very much his own, and the music screams not of mimicry but intelligent adoration of the immortal rip and shred. A-”

““I was so blown away that I decided to take on the review task myself as an editorial review. Misanthropic Slaughter contains 11 tracks that sound like they were written, produced, mixed, recorded, and executed by a group of elite musicians who know metal and how it should be layed down. I still can’t believe these guys are unsigned and shopping for a label, well all I can say is - If I had a label, I would sign these guys from Arizona and put them where they should be. Hemoptysis sound tighter, more well rounded, and better most of the other cookie cutter crap the labels are sending me. If Misanthropic Slaughter is the future of American Metal, things are looking good. ”

"WVOX'S 'Metal Mayhem' show rules the New York airwaves with Hemoptysis! 'Misanthropic Slaughter' is destined to put these highly- talented guys on the map for good! Get this cd at all costs - it will be one of the big surprises of the year! Hemoptysis is one of the more creative and superior thrash outfits I have ever had the privilege of spinning on the air in a long, long time!..."

Matt O'Shaughnessy - WVOX'S 'Metal Mayhem', New York.

"Hemoptysis has laid down the gauntlet with the excellent eleven song MISANTHROPIC SLAUGHTER. All of the pieces of the puzzle that make an album great are in tow... great recording, great performance, superb production and of course killer songs. Mark my words, this band is going places." 4 out of 5

"Of all the unsigned bands I’ve heard over the last 3 years or so, they are without a doubt the band that has it all together..." Rated 9 out of 10

"Misanthropic Slaughter" is the epitome and the quintessence of what thrash metal really is and stands for, but at the same time the guys manage to infuse it with some classic heavy metal elements and melodic death metal touches. It's beyond me how such one of the most talented bands I've come across in a long time is still unsigned... "Misanthropic Slaughter" is simply a death/thrash metal holocaust with technical parts and a flawless production! I'm simply stunned and in awe! - 9 out of 10

“Misanthropic Slaughter has elements of thrash metal, death metal and melodic death metal with the end resulting in a unique sound. The talent is very much there and overall "Misanthropic Slaughter" is infectious, exciting and absurdly fun to listen. The musicianship is outstanding and tight for a debut album. Check them out!!!!”

"What a testament to the metal scene when an unsigned band like this can put their big label peers to shame. These young hopefuls really have got their shit together. Look for Hemoptysis' debut full-length album, Misanthropic Slaughter, out this spring and more from us on this band soon."

“Misanthropic Slaughter is a true underground thrash metal. Hemoptysis incorporates death/black metal elements; such as singer Masaki Murashita's growling, melodic vocals and the commanding drum work of Travis Thune; combined with refreshing, potent riffs - deliver the goods. -”

“The first time Misanthropic Slaughter entered my ears, a realization flooded through my Metal mind and veins that HEMOPTYSIS is a band that cannot be stopped nor contained. not when the Thrash I'm hearing is this staggering. How on Earth can HEMOPTYSIS be an unsigned band? Some may question my Metal enthusiasm here. I respond by stating: this is a band that has 0% tolerance for pretentious Metal and has administered to my ears an original sound, that is bad ass personified.”

"Hemoptysis is king in expressing emotion through their song structure, their dirty vocal sound, tempo changes and solo's that fit the songs seamlessly.These guys know what they are playing and they play it very well. Final verdict? Get it!" Rated 4 out of 5, www.undergrind.net

"...the songs are very well written and the delivery is faultless...The year is only a few days old and already the benchmark for 2011 thrash has been set..."

““This band is one of true professionalism with the packages they send out, the images they create, and the music they play. After listening to Misanthropic Slaughter I had to literally take a couple of minutes to recover from the onslaught of heavy hitting drums and vocals that make you realize this band is trying to collect your soul. I immediately went to the media pack to see what company they are signed with and low and behold… they don’t have a deal! It amazes me that the music world is always crying for the next big thing, but when it comes along and even has a highly acclaimed EP under its belt; it just slips by and continues to play clubs while some of these backyard “core” bands are playing major stages and making real money. Pisses me off! The album drops very soon and remember; do what you can as a fan to get these guys signed. They deserve it, and metal deserves it. Show me your horns,””

"Hemoptysis have delivered a nice, catchy, melodic and modern thrash album, they have built themselves a network, shot a professional looking video and have a work ethic which should be an example too many a band - starting and veteran!" 80/100

“Review in Finnish, rated 8 out of 10.”

"...they up the ante in the American thrash department." Rated 4 out of 5.

"...this is some of the best Oldschool Thrash Metal I've heard in a long time...It's incredible how an unsigned band like this manages to sound better than lots of signed bands." Rated 9 out of 10

"Set to be released on March 8 it's (Misanthropic Slaughter) filled with 11 tracks and 50 minutes of some of the best extreme music I've heard in awhile. The songs range from just pure speed riffs with catchy hooks to fantastic leads to hitting melodic grooves, sometimes in the same song. ... Bottom line is that this band has put together an excellent album for extreme music fans and needs to be heard. Currently they are unsigned but after what I've heard there should be no reason a label does not pick these guys up. The amount of effort in putting together such a good package needs to be rewarded." 8 sins out of 10

"Have Hemoptysis managed to deliver the goods? Hell yes!" Rated 90 out of 100.

“”Most often billed as a Thrash / Death Metal band, Hemoptysis are so much more. Building off that thrash/death core, the band flawlessly incorporates strong European elements of Black Metal, Melodic Death, and (in my ears) even good old fashioned Priest meets Maiden Heavy/Power Metal! This new CD will surely show the world just how diverse and talented they really are.””

"Gawddamn this shit is brutal and I'll safely say that I'll be mopping up the drool pools left over from my jaw being on the floor for the last few hours spinning this one !!!!!!"

““As the title track begins to melt the listener’s ears; a lethal blend of thrash, heavy, and death metal bleeds through and through. The delivery of the next few tracks is as consistent as the first. High energy drums and searing guitar riffs lay the foundation for the remaining tracks on the album. Impending Doom, As The World Dies, and End of Sorrow are the high points for me on this album. Hemoptysis has a very unique way of combining different genres together to create a melodic yet heavy sound. Their ability to “bring it” has been showcased on this album very well.””

"...it's kind of amazing how this unsigned band have made something that is so much better than the crap plenty of signed bands are turning out."

“These guys are brutal akin to Arch Enemy and Carcass and the chords, solos and riffs are memorable and melodic not too far removed from Megadeth. The result is a extraordinary merger of melodic death metal and Bay Area thrash. Who Needs A Shepherd is a solid collection of furious, venomous thrash metal that will have even the most seasoned metal veterans take notice. Are you listening Nuclear Blast, Century Media and Metal Blade? Listen to Who Needs A Shepherd and I’m sure you’ll concur."”

"Hemoptysis have what it takes to hold their own among the elite of heavy metal. Throw Who Needs A Shepherd ? in your stereo, then kick back and watch it all burn."

Rob Harris - The Salty Pirate

"Listening to Hemoptysis is a multi-faceted experience...the talent is very obviously there..."

llmarinen - Metal Psalter

"Every track burns with a guitar-heavy, blackened-by-hellfire sound which will woo the new breed and old schoolers alike."

""Who needs a Shepherd?" is by far the truest form of the metal spirit I have come across in many years"

JD - Metalbite.com