Helsott / Press

“Next up was Helsott, who received a very warm and enthusiastic reception from the crowd. Helsott shirts were a common sight in the audience, and a few folks on the floor offered an admirable pit throughout the set. Helsott’s viking themed death metal was channeled through the voice of Eric Dow, who proved to be an extremely charismatic presence.”

“Fólkvangr is the bands first recording and is a self released EP containing three tracks of powerful and melodic folk and death metal somewhere in between deathly Swedes Amon Amarth and bombastic Finns Ensiferum. EP opener and title track bursts in with a pompous folk metal style, including melodies from keys and guitars. Vocals are a mixture of low grunts and black screams along with sung chants which owe a lot to viking era Bathory only a bit more jovial perhaps. For a self release and debut recording the sound production and sound quality is not too shabby, especially given the amount going on with the guitars, keys and vocals.”

“September 12th 2012, Whisky A-Go-Go, Hollywood CA: The air was electric at the world famous Whisky-A-Go-Go as Tyr, Moonsorrow and Korpiklaani were set to take the stage. The Whisky was filled to capacity and despite the police-like search that the security staff meted out on everyone who tried to enter the venue, the fans were in good spirits and ready to party. The first band up was Helsott, a band straight out of California. I unfortunately missed most of their set, but what I did hear was pretty great. They’re definitely a band worth checking out.”

“Helsótt is a metal band out of California. They call themselves a blend of American thrash/death metal and pagan metal, and I’d say they’re pretty spot on. They formed in 2010, and have released a three-track E.P “Fólkvangr” which is what I received in the mail from the band, and it is nothing short of impressive music, I just wish I had more of it to listen to! All around this is a killer release, and highly recommended for fans of the folk/pagan metal genre, and even you thrashers and death metallers out there. They have some serious potential and I personally can’t wait until I can get my hands on more from this band. Each of the members has a great amount of skill; there is no doubt about it. The guitar riffs and solos are melodic and fast, the bass and drums provide a great heartbeat to the music, the keys add such a nice polished element to such raw music, and the harsh vocals you can really feel in your core. To sum things up, please check the album out and support”

“From among the local openers that played, the one worth mentioning is pagan metal quintet Helsott. They were hugely impressive in all aspects, specially frontman Eric Dow's voice and on-stage mannerisms which closely resembled those of Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth...Overall, I think Helsott are one of the most impressive local bands out there and all of you should check them out as soon as you get a chance to do so.”