Hellrazer / Press

“Reasons for not having the CD: you do not have in stock at your local store”

“The band knows how to use their tools and how to write good songs.”

“This is a very talented Metal band that demonstrate their experience through the music they perform. It's Heavy Metal to the extreme & delivered with passion.”

“Hellrazer continue their march smoothly. If your intent is to have the ear of the good heavy metal, "Operation Overlord" is certainly to be considered.”

“Their latest recording “Operation Overlord” combines the galloping rhythms of Maiden and Manowar with Rob Halford-like howls and the churning bulk of Metallica and Megadeth.”

“Guest starring the legendary Judas Priest on Ironheart? No sir, it is the Alberta group who performs a piece that the metal legends would not mind.”

“With Operation Overlord, the Canadians Hellrazer deliver a fu**ing awesome, traditionally styled thunderstorm of steel. The song material knows how to convince and offers a wide range that works for a metalhead just like Viagra. I would recommend it to any Judas Priest fan who longs after the old painkiller days, and to all those who enjoy real and authentic eighties style metal.”

“You will put the album on rotation on and on and on. Cause the music is brilliant played, the songs are catching massively your ears and cause you are not too old for old school. Old school metal at it’s best. Give it a listen and love it or hate it !! Nothing between….(9/10)”

“With their third original “Operation Overlord”, the Canadians Hellrazer have produced an album that kicks ass – finest heavy metal from the first track all the way to the final song. Excellent song writing, outstanding guitar works, powerful and dynamic song structures and listening pleasure, that one desires from all heavy metal bands. Hellrazer’s “Operation Overlord” is and remains what it promised: a solid album with the necessary effort to make their way into the hearts of the fans. I can only say one song: turn it on, listen, and party away!”

“What these four musicians unleash onto the metal crowd with the opening track “Hellrazer” on their third album cannot be done much better. Powerful rhythm, crunchy riffs, straight hooklines and a perfectly presented highlight that does not leave anything wanting for any fan of traditional heavy metal.”

“Bottom line: Awesome old school metal disk – without doubt – and despite some comparison to other originals “Operation Overlord” is a metal album that takes no prisoners.”

“On their third full length CD, Hellrazer from Calgary, Canada, offer classic Priest style heavy metal that is enhanced by the good, middle range voice of DrZ.”

“OPERATION OVERLORD is the bands finest album to date, they have increased the velocity, the intensity and overall aggression of the Metal. It is an excellent record and I'm not surprised they got signed on the strength of this.”

“It sounds good and it proves that these men know how to handle their instruments and how to write enjoyable songs. Genre lovers can give this one a try for sure.”

"Operation Overlord" is as successful: the right balance between old school and the latest sounds so typical overseas, with their songs (often long but always balanced) shows us once again a Canadian scene prudent and sufficiently original to be noticed here too.

“Hellrazer and their sound reminds me of the bands that you see on stage and you start looking around watching everyone in the audience is on their feet bobbing their heads forward and back over and over, just rocking out, a great sounding hard rock band.”

“Those who like Heavy metal with power and without frilly ballads will be well served with “Operation Overlord”.”

“4/5 – a highly enjoyable, solid thrash metal album.”

“Fans of straight forward metal are enticed to buy this CD. Bang your Head!”

“Especially in the first half of the CD, the songs fire away mightily and “Hellrazer” sounds like Judas Priest, “Raging Seas” and “Ironheart” are designed as small metal anthems, and the mid tempo part of “Enemy” worked out great. “The Hunting” sounds a lot like old Slayer, and over and over again appear guitar solos that are reminiscent of Annihilator and Heathen.”

“The guitars kill with a fat sound and push mightily, there are sharp riffs and intricate lead guitar solos. Hellrazer’s third album will be appropriate for fans of bands such as Judas Priest, Hallows Eve, Saint, Omen, Jag Panzer, Agent Steel, Metal Church, old Metallica or Slayer.”

“Heavy guitar riffs leave a memorable impression in the listener’s ear and at the same time support plenty of guitar solos. The vocals are powerful and show a certain degree of hardness for this genre.”

“Their music is pure and simple Heavy Metal.”

“Guitarist DrZ and his Canadian boys shine through fat guitar work, grand melodies, and a thundering rhythm, that lets feet and fists twitch. Our North American friends present a number of songs where one is forced to raise one's fist, strain the neck muscles, and sing loudly along with the choruses.”

“Fast old school metal, driving rhythms, fat guitar riffs and a typical metal voice stream mightily out of the speakers.”

“Hellrazer sounds like a recipe for success in an era where fans are on the constant outcry for a return to the old school. If that is your poison, Hellrazer will surely please.”

“Here metal is real metal, with beautiful hooklines that take a couple of listens before they take up firm residence in your grey brain matter. The album is hellish fun and entices the listener to push the play button repeatedly. Up the Horns!”

“Galloping leads, the finest double bass thunder, the vocals wonderfully old school – that’s the way it should be.You won’t be able to get more eighties style metal than that in 2013.”

“The rhythm section mercilessly powers ahead in thundering mid-tempo. The sound is mighty, and intricate guitar solos rip through razor sharp riffs.”

“Those who like true and solid heavy metal cannot avoid this album. ”

"Hellrazer manage to deliver 68 minutes of music without a single filler."

"The boys from Canada simply know how first class Heavy metal should sound, and this is expressed in this CD without detours!"

“They are kickass, real “Warriors Of Metal”! “Operation Overlord” is what Heavy Metal was and is all about. It has everything a good record needs, it is a must buy, all of the songs are ace! Dr. Z does his best solos, superb guitar playing, really great riffs! “The Phantom” is a killer, a Metal rollercoaster ride. Whether I am just stuck in a timewarp, but it always amazes me that I always turn to past glories and this one reminds me of the early glory days of BLACK SABBATH, OZZY or PRIEST - this is an album full of great, fist pumping, heavy metal magic.”

Duncan Forrester - UK Hardrock/Metal

“Excellent metal band that has high quality music for listening at full volume. Big riffs, big melodies, good metal!”

Erik Mardom - Headbangers Mexico

"Judas Priest, Accept and Grave Digger are the names that immediately come to mind when we put an ear on the work of the four Canadians."

Michel Serry - Music in Belgium

"The underground is alive, and Hellrazer are great representatives. If you are looking for something "true" for a ride in your stereo "Prisoner Of The Mind" should win the bids."

"Hellrazer are just another excellent example of one of the rare few (but growing in number) traditional style metal bands playing in Alberta."

"Superb continuation of the band's history. Successful CD containing very playful, multi-faceted power metal...."

"Quality ware from the steel factory, purposeful with power and fun factor..."