“Hellpie,"Infernal Slice" (Self-released) Maryland trio Hellpie patch the thunder of metal, the brazen attitude of punk, and the sinewy grooves of sludge together to comprise their latest offering INFERNAL SLICE. This 11-track excursion finds the band doing their part keeping the spirit of rock ‘n roll alive and well with both a bluesy swagger and a plethora of pedal to the metal hard rock nuances in their arsenal showcasing their broad comprehension of all things rock. Throw in a barrage of primal screams (“Foolish Mortals”) and a dash of psychedelic effects that meld the quirk of Melvins (“Lost for Words”) and the freewheeling nature of CKY and Every Time I Die (“One Good Feeling”) with the fury of hardcore punk (“$elfish”) and the slow crawl of doom (“OK, So Who Wants to Die”) to round out Hellpie’s hard rocking mission statement. ”

“HELLPIE is one of those bands that does not explain why they are not under contract. "Make Mine A Double" looks like a cross between Deep Purple and Motorhead centrifuged punkettone atmospheres, gutter rock while "experiencing" the dark grooves and vocal Eddie scratched behind the microphone. That's just one example of the manner in which the HELLPIE soar, "Idiots Are Everywhere "Heavy, heavy, clean vocals in parts seems to have echoes of Metallica that were grafted on the basis of a valid dynamically highlighting the good tempo changes made ​​from Bones," Ok, So Who Wants To Die "is undeniably linked the flavor choices and strangely sabbathiane rimembranti the Candlemass, listen to the bass of Dan and the way in which you develop your vocal piece, it is the aura seventies to steal the scene, but the unexpected is just around the corner, the acceleration sudden and subsequent return to the ranks animate the flow impetuously, is one of the hits of the platter.”

“Would you like a nice slice of Hellpie? These dudes from the DC area create a tasty slab of groove inflicted sludge with a punk attitude. Sprinkle on a bit of angry vocals and crunchy as hell guitars to enhance the flavor.”

“The 2010 Project Independent Metal Showcase Tour made a recent stop in Baltimore, which led to a discovery which deserves mention. HELLPIE is a band from the Baltimore area that deserves some attention, and in an age where the metal art form can, at times make no sense... it's quite refreshing to see an act like this emerge. What makes this group special? They are amazing musicians, song writers, and performers. In a day and age where the metal genre is full of bands, who fill up the room with cookie cutter vocals, and inaudible lyrics that do nothing more than distract from the music, HELLPIE just may be the change that our dying industry needs. Project Independent Jeff Totten - CEO/Founder”