The Hell or High Water Band / Press

“HOHW did a short eight songs set which didn’t do them justice. They are not your dueling guitars southern rock band, but more of a get you in that nice laid back groove, but still can kick some ass when they want to, rock n’ roll band. Their set consisted of material by Clapton, Marshall Tucker, Johnny Cash, John Phillips, The Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry and two originals…the aforementioned Thomasson tribute song, and the other original entitled, “How Are You Captain”.”

“Published: 2005/07/07 Thomas Wipf Plays Wolf with Lesh.Thomas Wipf has been selected as a winner in Unbroken Chain Foundations auction to perform with Phil Lesh & Friends in Denver . Wipf, who plays guitar in New York-based band Hell or High Water, will perform on Jerry Garcias famed Wolf axe . As a 48-year-old guitar player who has been a Deadhead since I could buy records, the idea seemed like a dream come true, Wipf says. When my wife and I saw that the proceeds would benefit Phil’s charity, that was the icing on the cake. When we actually won the auction, the feelings of actually playing with those guys became a reality. Wipf has been asked to select one or two numbers to perform with Phil and Friends during the groups soundcheck at the Fillmore in Denver on July 15. As previously reported, all Wolf Session donations will benefit the Unbroken Chain Foundation.”

“The Ramones were so inspired by Rockaway Beach that they wrote a song about it, but the Forest Hills punk rockers can’t trace their roots back here. Over the past few decades, the area has given birth to its very own music scene with local talent emerging and bands staking their claim to fame around the peninsula.Some longtime bars like The Wharf, Healy’s, Connolly’s, the Blackwater and the Bayhouse have opened their doors to live bands for many years.Sean Sheridan, owner of the Bayhouse in Breezy Point, recognized some of the most popular bands around the tip of the peninsula. Breezy Point favorites like Kerry Kearney and Hell or High Water.Playing for 25 years, the Americana band Hell or High Water has gained popularity all across New York City, but they can often be found rocking out at the Bayhouse in Breezy Point, where some of the band members are from.”

“New York City Marathon 2013-Increased security didn't dampen the race's sideline festivities. The band Hell or High Water began its set with "Proud Mary" shortly before 9 a.m. as wheelchair racers whizzed by. Guitar player Tom Wipf, 57, of Park Slope, said the group had played at the marathon for five years. "We're glad to be back. We understood all the decisions that had to be made," he said of last year's cancellation. "We stay here until the very last runner goes by. Every single runner has some motivation -- whether they're running for a charity or a personal reason. . . . It's powerful stuff."”

“It is my pleasure to present this interview with Anthony “Stells” Stellato and Tom Wipf members of the band, Hell or High Water who will be opening for The Outlaws at that private party. The band garnered national attention when they came out with their tribute song to Hughie Thomasson, “Play On” .”

“Third and Long - Also participating in the celebration was the band du jour, Hell or High Water. An eight-piece for the evening, the band consisted of three guitars, bass, drums, mandolin, keyboards, a singer, and a drop-in harmonica. “We love this place because they have buckets of ice cold beer out for the band. We love that.” He pointed to the big white bucket full of ice and bottles on the ground by his feet. (Note: The bottled beer from behind the bar is ice cold, too – a summertime necessity!) Together for 18 years strong, Hell or High Water performs in venues across Manhattan. Playing Neil Young, Clapton, and Roy Orbison covers, to name a few, James Quigley on keyboard, Tom Wipf on lead guitar, Steve Bernstein on mandolin, Glenn McCready on bass, Chuck Menduni on guitar, Tony Ieva on drums, Stells on guitars, and Charlie dropping in on harmonica, rocked the rowdy house as people cheered, danced, and sang along to the classic tunes. -Murphguide - June 2007”