Hellnaw / Press

“My first thought when I heard about this duo, "Bass and drums? I wonder how they pull that off.." The answer, amazingly. This band I often think of as a jam band, but this isn't your typical jam band, they take it a bit harder. I also think of this band as a funk band at times, but they aren't the typical funk sound. Their eclectric grit-funk and funk metal genres they describe themselves is probably the most accurate description you can get. This is one of my favorite acts and is definitely what I consider the most unique band in Athens.”

“Wicker and drummer Wren Fenton are Lima natives who have played together in various musical ventures since they were 15. Instead of trying to find a guitarist, Wicker bought distortion pedals and began playing chords on his bass, allowing HELLNAW to remain a duo. The band has since experimented with hyper vocals, funky bass lines and monstrous drumbeats, nearly sounding as full as many-member local groups such as Elemental Groove Theory and The First Street Heat.”