Hell Fire / Press

“These guys bring the wrath like Maiden did in their heyday, but with the ferocity of modern day metal. With a singer that can belt like Dickinson and a pair of guitarists that intend on shredding your faces off, there’s not a whole lot to not like about these guys.”

Ivan Torres - Wrecked Reviews

“I need more Hell Fire!!”

Ron Quintana - Rampage Radio KUSF

“Hell Fire is a Metal band that keeps it real with a classic sound that brings back memories of long hair, tight and very revealing leather pants and vomitted stained drugged out rockstars. After taking a quick listen to these talented men you would think they are a bunch of old timers still riding on the same line up since back in the 80s. But after taking a close look at the band you see that its a bunch of dudes who are in their 20s-30s who love to party and keep a kick ass style of metal alive in there music scene. They have released a new self titled EP with 4 amazing tracks that remind you how to fucking rock and make you want to party all night long!”

“Shit you guys will be touring with Metallica next year!! No wait Metallica will be touring with you!!”

Sarracuda of AC/Dshe

“Best set thats ever been played here!”

The Stork Club Oakland, Ca.

“Favorite new band hands down!”

No Captains

"It's a breath of fresh air to hear a new band that carries the old school metal feel and energy!"

23 Club Brisbane, Ca.