Hellblinki / Press

“The world influences on this Asheville, NC sextet are absolutely staggering..Russian folk to Italian concerto to Americana..given a more than punk edge aesthetic..Hellblinki is without question one of the most unique, gifted and flat-out fun bands to come out of the region in a long time.”

“Sure, Ozzy might have introduced evil into rock ‘n’ roll, but The Hellblinki Sextet has never made the prospect of eternal damnation sound like so much fun.”

“Walking a tightrope of genres just beyond the realm of classification, Hellblinki's style has been described as "raw pirate blues" and vocal delights for "agnostic angels."”

“Hellblinki founder - Andrew Benjamin..fronts the black parade like a satanic ringleader, guiding the rotating cast with maniacal glee. If you love Tom Waits, Man Man, Dresden Dolls and Gogol Bordello, then The Hellblinki Sextet might well be on its way to becoming your new favorite band.”

“Reviving the lost art of vaudevillian visual entertainment during a musical show, the Hellblinki Sextet's pirate cabaret is something that needs to be seen as well as heard to garner its full scope.”