Hell-Bent / Press

“Miss the Misfits? And not the Jerry Only-fronted modern version, but the Danzig/Doyle original horror-punks from the late '70s and early '80s? Then check out Hell-Bent, a hell-raising Misfits tribute band. Singer Patrick 'Barnabas' Collins, bassist Matt Lopresti, drummer Steven Haun and guitarist 'Jay' comprise the group, which started in 2009 as Teenagers From Mars. These days they play snotty, fist-pumping punk to crowds of all sizes about once a month.”

“Anti-Antiwarpt w/Bleeding Money/The Scurvy/Hell-Bent/Dead Cat Lounge/The Funeral Dazies/The Destroid/Free Market Anarchists Several punk, metal and hardcore bands, none of them performing at Antiwarpt the following day (nor at Warped on Sunday for that matter), rail against the local machine with a big bill of fuck off. (Fubar, St. Petersburg)”

“Fubar hosted a Saturday showcase of local Florida punk rockers on the 600 Block of St. Pete. Hellbent headlined, along with Sons of The Working Class, Free Market Anarchists, Dead Cat Lounge and Lemon Law.”

“Misfit's cover band, Hell-Bent, closed the evening out with all the legendary band's classic sing-a-long anthems.”

“The Ramones, The Groovie Ghoulies, and the Misfits well represented by tribute band, Hell Bent”