Heliotropes / Press

“Heliotropes describe their sound as “poppy doom.” That moniker works better than anything I’d pull out, so I’m going to run with it. Principally, I like the potential for double entendre there. The inclination is to think “poppy” as in Justin Timberlake, but the label works just as well if you think “poppy” as in lotus eaters. Heliotropes hit both connotations, with a distinct ear for what makes the toe tap and an eye on swirling, psychotropic freakouts. Regardless of how you read the first word there, “doom” is a big part of what Heliotropes sound is about...brings neo-psych acts like The Black Angels to mind, but subverts that idiom a bit with alternatingly lilting and aggressive vocals. The tail end of “Valentine” is as good a slow burn as I’ve heard in a minute (and manages to recall “Breaking the Girl” in a good way)...good luck getting “Left Right Left” out of your head.”