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"Prophecy is a hard driven mental rock ’n roll psyche out guitar driven masterpiece ambient hard rock in a stew of synth sounds with biting vocals only Helios can deliver! Truly music to my ears. YOU WILL LOVE IT! The new music is powerful frank and in your face! (Sorta Iggy Pop meets Sisters of Mercy, for reference only!) Trust me this is stand alone music!" Review of Chrome's current lineup's 2013 single Prophecy

"Has there ever been another band quite like Chrome? The San Francisco futurists rolled through the prime cut of 20th century post-modern rock expression, from art rock through punk and into new wave, leaving a wet stain across all three with a defiantly uncompromising and often uncategorizable sound. Half Machine from the Sun collects 18 never-before-released tracks...It's a fascinating release that pulls back the veil a bit on one of the more challenging and complex outfits of the era".

“HMFTS review: "The selections cohere into a hefty statement that stands tall in comparison to the best from ’78-’82 era…broaden[ing] the scope of an already striking and hugely influential outfit…Half Machine from the Sun exudes contemporary sharpness and spark (but not polish)...a very engaging journey into one of the USA’s most daring punk-era outfits."”

“Interviewer: "Many words are attached to [Helios] as a guitarist – psychedelic, metal, experimental, acid punk, industrial, to cite just a few (I’d say ‘avant’ is missing) and, as a musician, visionary, all of which seem wholly accurate. You were all of 20, 21 years old when you joined Chrome. What was your musical upbringing like that you could step into that particular maelstrom with such assuredness?"...”

“It’s difficult to decide what’s more astonishing about this new Half Machine, that this trove of unused songs is, track after track, so consistently, bracingly strong, or that there’s a full two LPs worth…The corrugated edginess and boundary-threatening experimentalism on which [Chrome’s] reputation was staked is everywhere present here, it’s just quite frequently in the spry company of head-nodding beat structures, unabashedly crunchy guitar motifs…and Nuggets-friendly melodies suitable for framing….Half Machine From The Sun [is] essential listening, whatever decade, future or past, your time machine landed you in when you woke up this morning. A timelessly now document of two insatiably creative minds at the warp-speed tip of their partnered abilities, make it your mission to hear this record. You’ll marvel”. (rated 94% out of 100%)”

"Most of Half Machine from the Sun sounds like it could have sat right besides "Fire Bomb" or Half Machine Lip Moves....You'll get your money's worth."

“HMFTS review: "A lost album from the San Francisco proto industrial sci-fi legends Chrome...an essential part of the Chrome legacy..This is essential like an important internal organ."”

“HMFTS review Italy "These are outtakes, the lost tapes as they are coming out a lot in this period…but "[these] are impressive, the material is completely new…with a yet current sound that has endured over time, not a small thing. Chrome along with Fatrix, Tuxedo Moon, the Residents, Nervous Gender, was one of the main groups of the musical renaissance of San Francisco on the end of the 70's that wiped out completely weak resistance hippies….at the first position of my top 10 list for 2013!"”

"Half-Machine From The Sun is an interesting, amazing collection of lost recordings from a duo who were clearly ahead of their time; it certainly proves that sometimes, the times will eventually catch up with you."

“HMFTS review Greece: " Let me take a break for the ignorant. Who are these Chrome, then? The easy answer is: one of the best, protoporiakoteres Post Punk bands of all time. The Helios Creed of the most amazing guitarists of all time. The Damon Edge..Fuck it, genius. All but of all time..Now what can I say? If good this album? Visit? Eh Yes, it is. Document."”

“Review for HMFTS: "Amazingly, 35 years later, lost tapes of near-mastered and previously unreleased material covering this period and (possibly) slightly beyond have emerged. And this stuff is astounding.... these 18 lost gems prove that Chrome delivered gold in the studio".”

"New to the Chrome ethos? Shame on you! Chrome was founded by vocalist/drummer Damon Edge in 1975...guitarist and vocalist Creed joined Chrome, replacing their original guitarist. He played bass as well as guitar, sang and composed songs with Edge, coming in to make their commercial and artistic breakthrough Alien Soundtrack.... And the rest is history…. "

"This shit’ll still flay the skin from your bones. Amen". Review for Half Machine from the Sun

JON DALE - Uncut

“Review for HMFTS: "One of the things that makes the record so good is how intriguing the grooves and pockets and riffs are, how close the music theoretically seems to be getting to something more universally appealing — David Bowie’s sound at that moment, for example. Time does only favors to Chrome: the music the band made sounds more prescient, still strange and scratchy and generative. It could still theoretically start a new movement".”

"HALF MACHINE FROM THE SUN, THE GREAT LOST CHROME ALBUM: The tracks on the album date from the era of Half Machine Lip Moves and Red exposure, which is to say 1979-1980. It is quite literally the GREAT lost Chrome album-recorded when these guys were ON FIRE--that no one was waiting for or expected...If you like Chrome, its an absolute must."

“I hear so much influence from Chrome in so many bands”

"Chrome was a very "CYBER-PUNK" vision of the future a decade before the term was coined...Good luck figuring out how to recreate all those noizes! But they don't just fuck around with tapes, they RAWK!

“Chrome were the ultimate Sci-Fi Punks. Their influence can be heard in everyone from Nine Inch Nails to the Flaming Lips.”

"And yet time was, when the appearance of a new Chrome record guaranteed seismic shockwaves of expectation through the underground.”

“Helios Creed is one of the greatest guitarists of all of rock music that exploded the possibilities of what psychedelic, punk, new wave, and industrial rock could sound like with his guitar work in Chrome.”

"Helios Creed is unbelievable, just an incredible textural guitar player that's gotten no credit. And for me, he's one of the greats".

“Our first interview out west- The one and only legend- Helios Creed. He gave us his new CD [Galactic Octopi] and it became our soundtrack for the entire shoot tour-yes...this is mind-blowing music. One of my favorite release of 2012 so far.....”

"Myself along with what I'm guessing many other fans of this psychedelic guitar legend, are jonesing for our fix of acid-space-punk madness...Helios unleashes his latest baby, GALACTIC OCTOPI!!! And folks, it was well worth the wait!...One of the most ALIEN and other-worldly Helios Creed records ever made...Helios' balls-to the-wall psychedelic guitar work, he executes like a masterful wizard...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

"Helios Creed is back in your belly button with another thirteen tracks and two vinyl albums worth of...phase, echo, flange, delay, pitch manipulation and guitar super-gyro-pyro-ultra-technics...in full effect pedal...created by [an] underground legend. So get off your DICK and BUY IT!!!" [review for 2011 release Galactic Octopi]

“Review for Galactic Octopi “The former member of Chrome returns with an album of the highest order...Visionary guitarist...Helios is revealed as a master of the Industrial sound of the early eighties that symbolized a revolution in music..Red Chopper with its Hendrixian, lysergic guitar solo [is] surely one of the album’s most remarkable tracks…This album is without a doubt one of the best he has made”. ”

“Helios Creed's latest acid-drenched guitar offerings - absolutely heavy, thundering and voice effected alien sounds. This recording is destined to become an instant underground classic. I cannot stop playing this CD !! SONIC ! (Review for Galactic Octopi)”

“Both Chrome and Helios Creed have a cult following, but it will not only be these fans that will like the album. On "Galactic Octopi" distorted guitar takes a leading role, mixed with a heavy drum beat and Residents-like narration it will indeed take you to another planet.”